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Tell Me How! - Dissemination of the European Language Portfolio for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Start date: Jan 1, 2011,

This project aims at the dissemination and expanding of the result of the project 'ELPBVI: European Language Portfolio for the Blind and Visually Impaired'. The ELPBVI project has created a specific electronic multilingual model of the European Language Portfolio which answers the needs of visually impaired learners. This model has been validated and approved by the European Language Portfolio Validation Committee and currently the process of obtaining the official European accreditation is in process. These rewarding results encourage us to go over to a wider dissemination process and exploitation of the ELPBVI. The consortium seeks, on one hand, to help language teachers of the blind learners to introduce this model into their teaching practice and, on the other hand, to promote this tool among blind language users. Besides, we are going to expand the use of this ELP model in the countries beyond the countries of the ELPBVI consortium. To achieve these goals the partners anticipate the following outputs and results: hands-on training workshops and conferences in Bulgaria, Greece, Malta, Germany, the UK and Italy; development of instructions regarding the use of the self-assessment checklists; adding an Italian language version of the electronic ELPVI model; teacher's booklet; dissemination materials The partners expect the envisaged activities will contribute to further development of the process of putting the language teaching and learning of the blind in the context of common European standards set out by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and will encourage the majority of language teachers of the visually impaired to use this tool in their teaching improving the cooperation between the teacher and unsighted learner through step by step assistance in setting learning goals, performing self-assessment, reflecting on their preferred learning styles and developing their plurilingualism and intercultural experience.

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