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Tekstil ve Endüstriyel Otomasyon Alan Öğrencilerinin Mesleki Becerilerini ve İstihdam Olanaklarını Arttırmaya Yönelik Avrupa Stajı
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our students graduate without getting specialized in a certain field and their employment chances are highly limited as the enterprises, the fields of application of our students, don't have sufficient technological equipment and qualified technical personnel. Our school Adana Sarıçam Türk Tekstil Vakfı Vocational and Technical Education Center is aware of this need and aims to train the students as qualified technical personnel. If our project is acknowledged, the knowledge, skills and qualifications of our students will be improved and their employment chances will rise after the students from the department of Textile Technology will be trained on the "Systems of Weaving Machine" and those students from the department of "Industrial Automation" will be trained on "SCADA Programming" abroad. Partnerships have been established with a distinguished firm, which operates in the textile sector and have premium weaving machines and expert personnel, and with two technical schools, which provide training in the field of Industrial Automation, have undertaken very important studies and have expert technical educators, in order to achieve the goals and the expected impacts of the project. The 2-week traineeship program to be carried out in Austria, the Czech Republic and Portugal will cover the theoretical and practical training in the field. The main benefits of the project are to improve the professional knowledge and skills of the participants, to integrate them into the working life, to make them learn the innovative and modern practices and to improve their foreign language skills. It will be also ensured that the participants develop personally. The foreseen impacts of the project are that the participants understand the importance of the intercultural interaction and diversity of languages, raise European awareness, improve the social integration skills, develop tolerance, become entrepreneurial and act in accordance with the work discipline. The outcomes of the project are certifying the experience and qualifications the participants acquire, increasing the employment opportunities of them, contributing to meeting the qualified personnel need of the labor market, transferring the innovative methods and practices to our country and improving the corporate and educational capacity of our school. The long-term benefits of the project will be that more qualified technical personnel are raised thanks to the improved vocational capacity of our school, the importance of the vocational training is emphasized, the cooperation between the enterprises and our school is improved and the importance attributed to the training in the departments of Textile and Industrial Automation is increased. Our methodology is that the project management team will coordinate the activities planned, the training method will ensure the participants to reach the vocational level aimed, the promotion method will promote our school and Turkish National Agency to broad masses and the evaluation method will provide a successful project implementation by evaluating the outcomes. Each flow of the project will consist of 10 participant students and one accompanying teacher and a total of 40 participants will participate in the project, 20 participants from the department of Textile Technology and 20 participants from the department of Industrial Automation and 4 participants in total.

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