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Start date: Dec 31, 2015, End date: Dec 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our country couldn’t prove ıtself in the field of Information and Communication Technoogy.In this situation teachers are required to undergo an effective training. Due to the lack of a sufficient number of trained teachers, the education system,in Turkey doesn’t have necessary competence and expertise in the information age . Our institution is one of the most preferred school in the city, located in the Eastern Anatolia Region.So It is an institution that is open to self-renewal and development.However,It has not reached the desired level in the field of ICT. Objectives: Providing general information about ICT within various classes Defining ICT usage in education with its benefits, provide teachers with practical ideas for how they can incorporate technology into their existing lessons. Familiarize teachers with current Internet trends and how they can be applied in the creation of an e-lesson Pinpointing possible downsides of ICT in education as well as in real life and how to avoid it Provide teachers with resources and various tools with which they can augment their e-learning content. Explaining of usage and giving users tips concerning various ICT tools within, as well as, outside of classes. Introducing ways of motivation and creative thinking through ICT for both teachers and students Introducing and explaining ways of enhanced communication within the teaching and learning process through ICT Giving a space for exchange of experiences and good practices among people coming from different countries who work in the same field Eager, motivated, entrepreneurial Five teachers selected by the school administration will attend a course in France,Paris whose subject is Information and Communication Technoogy. It will be identified why the course is useful,ıts direct affects to our school, how it will contribute to the strategic plan of the school,how it will increase the level of success and socialization. In addition, pedagogical methods and skills acquired in this course will be made guided implementation. After the course, The staff,participated the course,will be encouraged to disseminate acquired skills and competencies and create e twinning partnerships and new projects . Methodology: This course will be structured into 8 different training modules, each of which covers a different aspect of using e-learning in either a traditional classroom or an online setting. Coursework will contain a mix of theoretical and practical knowledge, often allowing the teachers to interact with the e-learning systems in a hands-on way. They will practice the necessary skills in order to be able to effectively use their own e-learning systems with their own students.The role of partner institutions (course provider) to a large extent will be based on online community participationIn the light of constuctivism perspective, the innovative learning and teaching methods that teachers need will be included in the course.It will provide effectiveness in the field of Information and Communication Technoogy. Expected impacts: - A school ;internationally experienced about usage of ICT in education - Improving and extending the use of ICT in learning and teaching - using Infırmation and Communication Technology innovations and gain benefit from ICT - improving the quality of the innovations in the field of ICT in education. To be successful in their field, realized himself from the moral and social aspects,to be one of the leading institutions in Turkey and world educating students capable of adapting to the information age are our longer term benefits.
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