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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project’s participants consist of ten teachers who are the permanent staff of Şehir Başkomiser Fatih Özdil Secondy School which tenders the offer of the Project. Our most basic needs which are stated by all partners of our school are foreign language teaching and using information tecnology. For these fields our teachers will resolve their lack by training in European Union countries and they will set an example to our education system by creating a model school in these fields. In the world economic, social, and cultural developments caused that multilingualism and multiculturalism are adopted. This situation demanded that the fist foreign language teaching has been started at the early ages. Linguists and educators state that at an early age, foreign language education contributes child’s cognitive development. During native language acqusition, learned foreign language not only provides that child develop target language skills but also accelerates the process of acqusion in the native language. Foreign language education at an early age, especially in the European Union countries as well as acceptance of multilingualism such as globalization, political, economoc, social and cultural changes, in the light of the devolopments in communication tecnologies and education and teaching fields, in the 90s after years of heavily around the world and especially in 1998 after the country started to apply the generally accepted topics after elementary school. However the transition to the application is not a guarantee of success. In our country the application of teaching foreign language at an early age starts from 2nd year of primary school. However, the matters are available about course materials and specialized teachers with the necessary knowledge and experience in the application of teaching foreign language at an early age. The aim with this projct; to provide our school taechers see the application of foreign language taeching in European Union countries and have compare facilities with our country’s applications and conditions; to create teaching and medhodological suggestions accordance to the conditions of our country by experiencing teaching methodological theories in this subject and by implementing education in our school. As in the world in our country, tecnology which continues to develop smoothy is attempted to integrate into education with national projects. Our education system is being changed and developed with new and useful information tecnology tools whose results are expected to be more evident in time. Turkey takes place 45th line between 65 countries according to the results of PİSA ( International Students and Evaluation Program) which is made by OECD ( Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) in 2012 and is the most comprehensive education research to aim to state of students’ readiness to life at the end of compulsory education. Shortly after this research, FATİH ( The movement of increase opportunities and improve technology) is created and this Project carries criteria which will be solution to this problem. Within the framework of this Project in our school, education will be initiated in classroom with smart boards. This system which is new for Turkey has provided advantages to education, in the same time it has brought usage challenges along it. Teacher are educated about information tecnology tools and how to use smart board but according to them this education is not enough. They do not have opportunities to have interactive course materials about their department. This situation imposes more responsibility to teachers and causes the decreases quality of education in school. The aim with this Project; 1-Our teacher will expand their vision by training from an institution with a rooted experience in this area about effective usage of Information Tecnology Tools in education in European Union countries, training methods and preparing of training material based on their department , morever, they will increase their Professional knowledge and skills in this field by having the opportunity to examine effective presentation of the new interactive curriculum and education pedagogy method and technics with Information Technology Tools. With this Project our school which has obtained a vision of training in European Union standards will spread this experience by starting from other schools around. In our school this Project will provide generations which have cultural awareness and communication with the world. Five person from participant groups within the scope of the two week placement activities will be in Modena the city of Italy between the dates 24.01.2016 and 06.02.2016 and the other five person will be in Amsterdam the city of Netherlands between the dates 05.06.2016 and 18.06.2016

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