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Tegutsedes õpid ja lood
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

SUMMARY“Learning and creating by doing” is the title of this year’s Turba School project for KA1 traveling and learning. The main objective of this project is to bring international contacts; knowledge and ideas back to Turban that can positively affect development of local youth. In order to achieve the main objective we have constructed following sub-objectives: start and improve overseas relations; revitalize existing overseas relations through various projects; renew study methods and find out about the new means of study; recover and develop cooperation with overseas partner schools; support and encourage pupils and their parents to actively socialize with overseas students; offer international training and self-development opportunities for school staff. There are three participants from Turba School in this project: physical education teacher Ms. Maarja Vinkel, principle of the school Ms. Kädly Künnap and English teacher Mss. Sirje Tabun. Maarja is active member of the school who has been leading sports life of Turba since 2012 when she arrived back to Estonia from abroad. In addition to Estonian teaching experience she has also been teaching kids in England and Australia. The principle Kädly Künnap has been leading school’s annual language trips to England with Mss. Sirje Tabun. Mss. Sirje Tabun is the most experienced out of three. She started teaching already from 1976 but is still eager to learn and to be up to date with contemporary study methods. The purpose is to send the participants to overseas seminars and workshops. Ms. Maarja Vinkel is attending to international physical education teachers’ seminar in Finland from 31.07 to 05.08.2016; Ms. Kädly Künnap is attending to European Shool Leaders Conference in Holland from 19.10 to 21.10.16 and Mss. Sirje Tabun is attending to seminar in Italy where the main topic is “learning via video”. All the topics in seminars and conferences are related to the objectives of our project. The participants have worked out a meticulous action plan, which is lead by the project leader with initiative group. The project is successful if international relations of Turba School come back alive and start to reinvigorate local school and community life. New and innovative study methods and study materials will be applied that support versatile development of pupils. In 2016/17 there will be at least one new international partner school approached that should create extra value for students and for community. At least one new after school foreing language class will be opened that improves social skills of the pupils. In the longer perpective this project is a stepping stone for school staff to continuously improve their skills and so called pursue life long study idea. For pupils it is a chance to develop more knowledgeable and complete persons in Turba School and Nissi parish.
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