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Teenage Life in Europe: Our background - Our views - Our visions
Start date: Jul 1, 2016, End date: Jun 30, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project “Teenage Life in Europe: Our background - Our views - Our visions” focuses on making contacts with European colleagues and we are looking forward to spreading our ideas and concepts of environmental education and sustainability. We plan to start eTwinning projects and thus build up school partnerships within Europe. Since our school topics place special emphasis on ecological and social learning, different projects that concern Europe’s youth can be carried out in years seven to 10. Hence important skills such as language proficiency, digital and social learning, independent study and communication can be promoted and consolidated. This way our students have the opportunity to experience the role of the English language as a unifying element between nations and nationalities and to become aware of their own cultural background.Each of our seven participants teaches English and deals with pedagogy of sustainability and ICT. We passionately care about giving our students the ability to independently conduct their work. We also motivate them to learn English and to realize that their language proficiency helps them to build bridges in Europe. Exchanging ideas with European schoolmates stimulates creativity, communication skills and teamwork which leads to tolerance, closeness, an open approach to others and the joy of learning.On the basis of the ideas of Agenda 21 we would like to present our concepts to other European schools and strive to cooperate with them. The platform eTwinning provides us with the necessary tools to find European school partners and to initiate projects on climate and sustainability issues.Concrete references and the reproduction of real life situations can be achieved by exchanging emails and PowerPoint presentations on eTwinning. Our students can communicate and share their learning experiences with a wide audience during our school assembly. They will also have the chance to speak about the projects. This will definitely enrich our school life and thereby put the main idea of Agenda 21 into practice: progressing in education, developing ecological awareness and supporting the idea of sustainability by means of practical school projects.

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