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Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Society changes, life changes and education is something dynamic and needs constant feedback to follow equally all these changes. Erasmus+ programmes are a great opportunity for schools to widen up horizons,to modernize them. We are a group of six female English teachers,from Greece,Italy,Poland,Slovakia,Sweden and Turkey, who teach pupils aged 10-15 and strongly believe that the language we teach is the passport to Europe,to the world. We will use English language to work on a project about Technology,to make research,to exchange knowledge, to improve cultural awareness,to have experiences. We have already participated in E-twinning cooperations and we know how such alliances motivate students and teachers. Through this project we want to become more self confident,to develop skills within and across national boarders, to ensure that skills and qualifications can be more easily recognised, in all sub-systems of education and training as well as in the labour market. Internationalisation of education and growing use of digital learning, support of the creation of flexible learning pathways in line with learners' needs and objectives,are our aims. The importance of Technology in contemporary society is demonstrated by the use of it in our daily lives and the way it affects us. All participants will have the chance to study the history and simple people's life in past times in other European countries. We will practice and communicate in English, in real life situations. We will gain a Global way of thinking and will realize that as European citizens we can take advantage of sharing knowledge,cooperation,research and job opportunities. We are decided to work hard and get the best of the project's international dimension overcoming any kind of obstacle we may face. We will learn things about other countries,their past,their educational systems,their culture and society. Project activities will be done in order to have our objectives accomplished :essays,competitions,reports,videos,simple experiments,magazines issued by the partners,workshops,exhibitions,visits. Through regular communication we will check the project's procedure,the activities done ,the timetable,the money spent. We will chat on Internet,will have Skype meetings, exchange e mails. We want our colleagues,local society and everyone else interested, to have free Internet access to the programme's results. We will share them in Erasmus dissemination platform and will talk about the profits gained by taking part in a European action like Erasmus KA2. At every chance given we will make reference to the outcomes,will embed them in our teaching,will mention the experiences shared in the participant countries,will make comparisons that will help understand that internationalization of education and labour market leads to a better future. We want our pupils to grow more interested in Technology and we want them to be Technicians. We want to increase labour market relevance of learning provision and qualifications and reinforcing links between education and training with the world of work. We want to promote take-up of innovative practices in education, training and youth by supporting personalised learning approaches, collaborative learning and critical thinking, strategic use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), open educational resources (OER), open and flexible learning, virtual mobility and other innovative learning methods. Running an Erasmus project we want to prevent drop-out and promote participation of disadvantaged groups in society,to promote entrepreneurship education to develop active citizenship, employability and new business creation (including social entrepreneurship), supporting future learning and career paths for individuals in line with their personal and professional development.
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