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Technologinių kompetencijų plėtra Europoje
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Four Lithuanian and four European vocational training institutions of equal partnership participate in Alytus vocational training centre‘s Erasmus + programme mobility project of 2015 „Development of technological competencies in Europe“. members of concortium: Alytus vocational training centre, Vilnius automechanics and business school, Kaunas mechanical school and Vilnius vocational education and training centre of technology and business. Accepting partners: AssociationLa Châtaigneraie vocational school in France, WinNova vocational school in Finland, Võrumaa Kutsehariduskeskus vocational school in Estonia, Riga state technical school in Latvia and Sistema Practices s.l. (ESMOVIA) in Spain. Project participants - IVT, students studying under car electromechanic (9 students), international transit dispaher (12 students), car body repairer (6 students), car mechanic (10 students), installer of engineering equipment for buildings (6 students) , welder (12 students), equipment maintenance business employee (3 students), energy systems electronics technician (18 students) and engineering (metal processing machine-tool operator (4 students) and industrial equipment repairer (5 students)) training programmes and - VETPRO group, profetional teachers, who teach by car electromechanic (3 teachers), international transit dispaher (2 teachers), car body repairer (2 teachers), car mechanic (2 teachers), installer of engineering equipment for buildings (1 teacher), welder (2 teachers), equipment maintenance business employee (1 teacher), energy systems electronics technician (3 teachers) and engineering (metal processing machine-tool operator (1 teacher) and industrial equipment repairer (1 teacher)) training programmes. TĮhe aims of the project were: - to improve students technological knowledge and competencies, increase the competitiveness of future specialists; - to teach students to work safely and efficiently with the newest technics, modern equipment and innovative technologies; - to allow vocational teachers to improve professional competencies, to take the best educational practices over and to apply them in their educational institutions; - to give to each vocational teacher a possibility to evaluate their professional activity newly, to plan professional development, to try new teaching/learning methods and new technological equipment creatively; - to allow vocational teachers to develop their personal initiative, to improve their qualification when sharing good practice experience with Lithuanian and foreign countries colleagues. - to raise competence of foreign languages of project participants; - to raise awareness and understanding of teachers and students about other cultures and countries offering them an opportunity to develop the networks of international relations. During the project participants improved not only their competences working with a modern equipment and tools, but also they deepened their present competences and practical skills adapting them to the field of new modern engineering. Students learn better rely on their strengths, to be self-sufficient, energetic and responsible, to be able to learn constantly, satisfy their knowledge needs, developed communication and cooperation skills. Project participants defined clearer their career plans and perceived that succesful employment and career possibilities determine acquired skills and abilities during the learning and internship, factors of labour market, ability to be responsible for the career. The project vas implemented in the Spain, France, Estonia, Latvia, Finland and Lithuania in 2015-2016. During the internship project participants learnt about work culture in the EU countries, requirements of work safety, host country's history, culture, traditions, developed linguistic abilities and professional motivation. The results of the project disseminated among Lithuanian vocational schools, students and teachers of Lithuania consortium schools, academic community of schools, society, members of accepting partner organizations and companies of practice.
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