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Technika - most do budúcnosti našej školy
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The school is focused on teaching of foreign languages and sports. The main aim is modernization and internationalization of school. In the project there will be 10 participants of the school. All of them are professional school staff. One of the step to reach the aim is taking part of participants in their mobility in which everyone has a role. Participants will gain better communication skills in English and Russian languages, will recognize multiculturalism countries of Latvia, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, will obtain information on the management of the schools in Northern Ireland, will learn how to use of digital technologies at school not only as basic users, but in higher level, but also for the projects of international cooperation, will gain new contacts, will exchange their experiences and will increase their self-esteem.Outputs after graduation of all mobility:- enhanced communication skills useful participants in the educational process- better using of digital technologies – usability of interactive boards, tablets, mobile phones, blogs for pupils, electronic and written tests- development of an evaluation system- new more efficient forms of education- retention of international cooperation with partners organizations in Estonia, France, Germany and establish new cooperation obtained from contacts through all mobility of the countries Italy, Spain and English speaking countries /England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland/ - will allow a greater numbers of pupils and teachers who are involved into international cooperation and connectivity of formal and informal education- teaching in kindergarten in higher level – using the methodology of CLIL by teaching English language, teaching will provide a teacher from our school, no external employee like in present- better teaching of Russian language – the second foreign language at school – ensure the continuation of teaching Russian language at school- next international youth exchange and staff mobility will deepen knowledge of multiculturalism, which we can use not only at teaching but at doing projects during teaching and at international projectsMethodology of projects: participants will complete structured courses abroad, they will acquire knowledge and skills, which we will use at teaching or at next activities of schoolParticipants will implement their knowledge into teaching, they will be able to give their new knowledge their colleagues, teachers by open lessons at English, discussions, workshops, competitions and meetings of members Methodical authority in Zilina and meeting of headteachers in Zilina. They will inform public about studying by writing articles into local and regional newspapers and web sides. Short-term view: extension of communication skills, obtain contacts and new forms of education by using at teachingLong-term view: increasing of numbers of employees who are able to communicate in foreign languages on international level, creativity of teachers in teaching from kindergarten to secondary basic school, in international cooperation and in projects. We will become European citizens in European country and with European experiences.
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