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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Communication skills and its ability to understand the trends of health care workers in an equitable way the patient is considered to be effective. Patient interactions with health professionals in this field of studies, the ability to communicate positive and sufficient by their ability to help patients and suggest that this situation creates obstacles in health care. Yet, effectively communicating health care patients and their employees that they feel better emotionally, while the field of health professionals who care ineffective communication of uncertainty, dissatisfaction, it is stated that they suffered anxiety and frustration. Health worker-patient relationship in the value of effective communication skills and teaching methods of health education can be imparted during the application is highlighted in the research can be improved. However, especially in the study of communication skills in medical education in our country is mentioned because of inadequate training. In studies conducted at home for that matter, the education of health students with different educational programs communication skills is in the lower level of the average scores of years of education increases our project because it draws attention to increasing this skill is needed to be the subject. The project's name is derived from the requirements prepared "Resuscitate Them with Smile ". Our project, high school students in the learning process of vocational education in the health field by including the Health Services bringing new dimensions in communication education and practice in vocational training; our schools, and our multi-lingual country with Europe and European Citizenship aims to contribute to the growing labor elements that will appeal to the employment market. In addition, the detection of Lifelong Learning European Qualifications Framework qualifications to gain references and 2020 Smart, Sustainable and is based on the principles of the European Strategy for Inclusive Growth. Methods of training our planned projects; students be given individual the opportunity to apply for an increase in autonomy, with no students in positive feedback, students establishing their contribution to the thoughts and feelings, clinical staff and students to ensure the communication facilitated between students is professional and quality support have contributed to our project of cultural aspects. Our school with our project consortium and apply the same training programs with our school, there are four institutions that vocational training within the same problems. Consortium, a teacher in our schools with a total of 75 participants who receive vocational training in the field of public health in our 5 companion project will take place. Supporting our preparatory courses for practical training in overseas projects (language course, vocational and cultural preparation course), and to increase international recognition of the professional competence of our beneficiaries is planned practical training. Our project results and outcomes to be effective, efficient dissemination program will be implemented to ensure continuity. Our project 05.10.2015 - 05.10.2016 will be made between activities. Overseas education in institutions providing health education in Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Latvia and we have prepared in hospitals serving in coordination with these agencies in the context of 120 hours of practical training program will take place between 01.05.2016 - 21.05.2016 . Expected short-term impacts; health workers point of view of the patient and communication with patients and relatives of the patient to change in a positive direction and health of our graduates in the job market will be easily contracted the placement. In the medium to long term; quality health care, satisfaction of patients and caregivers, providing high standards of service health professionals, shortening the duration of treatment, as well as the reduction of the Social Security Institution patient costs; Ministry of National Education General Directorate of Vocational and Technical Education Vocational High School in which health education Health Services Communication Training Program offers health sector and health training needs in accordance with the reasons stated via official channels will be provided. Communication Program in Health Care, which will add a new dimension to vocational training; the health care sector will contribute to the training of qualified and equipped personnel. Our projects are output; the achievement certificates at the end of our training, our participants professional, personal skills development and experience, practical training application forms, project journal, activity can exemplify the photos and videos.
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