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Start date: Oct 1, 2009,

The proposed project plans to set up a web community for teachers interested in integrating Web 2.0 in classes at school. Results of recent studies about Web 2.0 teaching and learning in Europe show that existing pilot projects at schools are often driven by single, motivated teachers in grass-root approaches and that apart from support by the school basic knowledge, motivation and inspiration of teachers are necessary for realization of Web 2.0-related innovation. Respective web-based information and communication platforms for the school sector are rare and existing web communities for Web 2.0 teachers are often dominated by experienced members and not focusing on novices regarding structure, contents and communication processes. Responding to this needs the project plans to set up a web-based learning community for teachers who are novices in Web 2.0 and to connect them to experts and experienced teachers for exchange of concepts, experiences and learning materials. The community will be organized by a role system with administrators, experts, tutors, advanced teachers, key communicators, tutors and novices as primary target group, will exchange show cases, good practices, tutorials and concepts for pilot projects and offer communication facilities. In a collaborative WIKI basic knowledge about Web 2.0 tools and teaching methods will be shared. Teachers will report about experiences, concepts and demands in blogs. The service will be a first access point for beginners among teachers and not a comprehensive resource for Web 2.0 teaching. Thus, it will link advanced teachers to external resources and communities for continuous self-organized learning. The main impact of the project is the provision of more teachers in schools with basic initial knowledge, inspiration and motivation to use innovative Web 2.0 tools and methods in classes. In long-term a significant increase of the number of innovative Web 2.0 initiatives of schools in Europe is aspired.
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