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Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jan 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Youth seminar "Knowingly to a job market" will be held in Jõgevamaa over a three day period in the middle of august. There will be 40 young people involved form the age of 16 to 24 years, also about 10 policy makers, 6 entrepreneurs and other key people and specialists from different institution. The idea came last year just after the last seminar. It is clear to every on that all the people can not be entrepreneurs, it is just not for everybody. So the statistics says that youth unemployment is 2,4% higher then compared to the rest of the working-age people in Estonia. And at the same time we are short handed on qualified workers on some fields. it brings up the question why is it like that? When applying to a job or seeking for a employee, both have certain expectations. Employers are looking for a qualified, professional and hard working employees. Job seekers are looking for a good salary, flexible schedule, understanding boss, interesting job, good work environment and opportunity to develop themselves. Reality is that employer do not want to take risks by hiring a young person without any work experience. But how can a young person get work experience without giving them a chance? Does our education system supports enough youth to enter to the job market? What options does comprehensive school have to support students to get work experience and practice during the school? Is there any ways for local government to support youth and entrepreneurs? If yes, then how? Is there any way that entrepreneurs can support schools, youth and local government? To they have any options and are they willing to support? The objective of this project is to find ways to support youth to get (work) experience and practice that would support their successful entering to a job market. Subgoals: - Developing and supporting cooperation between youth and decision makers. - Do find out employers expectations in our county? Who is a dream job seeker, they would hire a heart beat? - Do find out job seekers expectations in our county? Who is your dream employer? - Are these expectations justified? To bring out similarities between both expectations? - To find ways to support youth to get (work) experience. - To find ways for cooperation between entrepreneurs, policy makers, youth and other specialists. - To find ways to offer our youth in Jogevamaa different training courses, options for voluntary work, work for summer and job shadow days. In this project we have involved people on different fields, that the results would be better. The idea to carry out youth seminar project is that our policy makers and youth would get use to listen to each other. That youth would be more active in our society and our policy makers would be more willing to involve our youth to different discussions and decision making process. We hope that through this project we can bring different institution closer together to work towards our similar goals together. We hope that this is the first big step towards cooperation between youth and other institutions. That we could establish a great network, who are wiling to support youth entrepreneurship and activities for youth, to support them to successfully enter into job market. Hopefully we are able to develop a great system how to support youth to attain (work) experience and (work) training.
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