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Teaching with Robots
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The motivation and partecipation of the students of all the partner's schools (and not only of their) are continuously decreasing while the school dropout is increasing, and the teachers are searching for innovate their methodologies to achieve a better climate and good interaction in the classroom. In addition, all the european school organizations recognise the need to improve, in the actual education systems, the students' attitude toward Scientific subjects. To face these problems, our project wants to take on: - the introduction in the curriculum of each partner schools of the analysis, implementation and testing of simple robots build by students using LEGO MINDSTORMS SYSTEM, to enhance the science and the math educational opportunities offered by robotics, - the comparing and sharing of some innovative methodologies and best practices adopted in the different schools to deal with self-build LEGO robots, to improve the teachers' professionality and the efficiency of the teaching action. The partnership is composed by four schools of different Countries (Italy, Spain, Turkey and Lithuania) with a good experience of European projects, and with specific roles in the project, deriving from their different Educational plans. The project is marked by the sequence of the meetings abroad. The first is a Learning/Teaching/Training Event, organised only to teachers, to teach both the technology of the LEGO robots and the best methodologies to introduce it in classroom. The second and the third are devoted to the teachers to share and compare their best practices tested in the robotic teaching, and to the students to improve and apply their skills in two simple competitions among teams of mixed countries. The last two meetings of the second year of the project are devoted to continue the analyses of different methodologies to improve the teaching efficiency, and propose two Master Challenges to the students, in a sort of international championship to build in a few days a robot able to solve some problems in special scenarios. With this project we want to obtain the following impacts and results: - the improvement of the interest, the participation and the motivation of our students to reduce and prevent the dropout, implementing different and innovative methodologies - the innovation of the curricula with the introduction of a simple approach to robotics technique , to improve the interest on Schientific subjects as Math, Science, Computer programming and Technology - and, of course, on the English language - the reduction of the social isolation of some students and creation of a safe, collaborative and supporting climate in class, to limit the school dropout in our partnership - the enforce of the European vocation of the partner schools, in the staff, in the teachers, in the students, in the families. After the planned life of this project (2 years) we hope to permanently introduce the robotics in our curriculum and into the educational offer of the partners, and to spread these techniques and their didactic methodologies not only in our schools, but to other local schools through special courses carried out by the teachers directly involved in the project.
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