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Teaching Mathematics and Statistics in Sciences: Modeling and Computer-aided Approach (TEAMATHMODSCI)
Start date: Jun 30, 2010, End date: Dec 30, 2011 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Objective: promoting new means/methods of computer-aided teaching of Mathematics in the science education in three languages (EN, HU, SRB). Activities: 1. Joint course curriculum and course development, 5 interactive teaching materials for math and statistics for Pharmacy, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Physics and Informatics. 2. Joint writing of electronic book on mathematical models in Sciences 3. Procurement of hardware and software in Szeged and Novi Sad needed for the activities. 4. Project meetings workshops (3 in Szeged and 2 in Novi Sad) for the team members and open for wide audience.5. School for teachers, graduate and PhD students on mathematical modeling (3 -3 days at both partners; 6. Exchange program of Ph.D. students (20 days to each partner); 7. Performances: 6 Open days, (3 in Szeged and 3 in Novi Sad) 8. "Meet the professor": lecture series in the schools of Hungary and Serbia. 9. Competition "Math in Science" for high schools both in of Hungary and Serbia 10. Special session on Math. Modeling in Science at the Internat. Conf. on Teaching and Learning Math. (accredited for teachers) in Novi Sad. 11. Common project web-page as communication and information platform 12. General information and publicity activities (media, posters, leaflets, promotion, ....).The direct target group contains university and high school teachers; high school, graduate and PhD students, and professionals, while the indirect target groups are the students taught by their teachers from the main target group. Achievements: Development of a "Collection of teaching materials"; electronic book titled "Interesting mathematical problems in sciences and everyday life": "As you have not seen before": a virtual exhibition, and the complete set of handouts of the spring school have been completed and published on CD and web.Opening workshop in Novi Sad (Aug. 23), workshops in Szeged (Dec. 2, 2010; Sept 2, 2011, Nov. 2, 2011) and Novi Sad (Apr. 28, 2011). Researchers' nights (Szeged, Sept. 24, 2010, Sept 23, 2011) ; "Mathematics and Nature": lectures, playhouse (Szeged, Oct. 9, 2010, Oct. 8, 2011). Conferences on Modeling in life sciences (Szeged, Dec. 3, 20 10, Nov 3, 2011); Closing of math competitions (Szeged, Dec. 4, 2010,Nov. 12, 2011; Novi Sad, Apr. 29), CrossBorder Biostat. meeting (Szeged, Nov. 4-5. 2011) ; Applications of Lattice theory: symposium (Szeged, Feb. 20, 2011); University Spring (Szeged, April 16); Contest and Exhibition on Scientific photos "As you have not seen before" (Szeged, Sept-Oct, 2011, exhibition moved to Novi Sad in December). Dynamic day and Geogebra conference (Novi Sad, Jan. 14-16, 2011); Pannonian Mathematical Modeling International Conference (Novi Sad, Apr. 29-30); Geogebra Conference (Novi Sad,Oct. 29-30, 2011)Three intensive schools are organized and completed in Szeged and Novi Sad. Schools are accredited; In the exchange programme 11 trips from Novi Sad, 13 trips from Szeged for participation and lecturing on the partners' events. Several participants came from Romania.Lectures on Intern. Conf. on Teaching and Learning Math., Novi Sad, Aug. 23-25, 2010.Events are advertised by posters, web, and media.Szeged: The math competition for high school students in 2010 and 2011 is completed, prize for Interdisciplinary works was funded. Students from both countries and also Romania took part. Novi Sad: The competition was organized first in 2011, completed; competition for 2012 is under preparation."Meet the professor": Announcements for the partner institutes and schools are available on the web. Several lectures have been given at both countries by both partners.
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