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Teaching Energy for Sustainable World

SustEner originates from the recognition of the enormous societal, economic and technological potential of a European sustainable, low-carbon economy, and from the range of scientific and non-technical challenges preventing the realization of this vision. The purpose of SustEner is to modernize sustainable electrical energy vocational training by enhancing existing or establishing new training methods in enterprises and secondary education. Up‐to-date knowledge and educational methods developed in previous projects was brought directly from the educational institutions to industry and VET institutes. Different education resources for sustainable energy education that were developed by the partners were adapted to the needs of new target group and transferred to Czech. Also the she second goal of the project, transfer of technologies for remote and virtual experiments developed during previous projects, was fulfilled. The project team collaborated in the previous Leonardo projects “Interactive and Unified E-Based Education and Training in Electrical Engineering”, where number of interactive modules with animations were prepared. The attained results are unique and of a great pedagogical value. Due to the employed technology the usage in education is extremely flexible. In the project “E-learning Distance Interactive Practical Education“ many distance laboratories were developed. The solution consisted in redesigning hardware experiments so that they also can be accessed by the Web. The technology and Innovation developed during those projects were transferred to a new area of Sustainable Electrical Energy and Power. Altogether nine high quality e-learning modules were prepared by partners from educational institutions. All of the modules address specific local knowledge and skills needs of industrial partners. The modules with integrated remote experiments and/or interactive animation material are offered in a modern learning portal available at the address The learners can create their personal user account by using option ‘Still without the password’. Provided contents and learning functionalities will enable employees/apprentices/trainees to acquire new professional skills and enhance their job performance. Successful integration of developed teaching resources and technology applied to a new field was realized within framework of the project. In order to successfully realize this a number of activities were executed: (1) a comprehensive survey was executed in EU countries to found out required specialized knowledge and skills in Sustainable Energy/engineering; (2) learning material available within partnership was adapted and completed to meet those needs; (3) advanced technology concerning interactive animations or distance laboratories was integrated to modules; (4) a comprehensive dissemination activities were executed in order to inform stakeholders about available project products.
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