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Teaching and Training Quality Management

“Teaching and Training Quality Management - TQM” project involved seven partners from four countries. In the framework of the actions promoted by the Italian Ministry of Education (Law n.150/2009), the initiative aimed to evaluate methodologies of teachers and trainers performances with the purpose of test and improve standards in the quality systems in VET, as from EQUARF recommendation. TQM transferred two significant evaluation experiences: the Grundtvig "SEALL – Self-evaluation in Adult Life Long Learning" project, and "Te-Pni" project. The common denominator between the two projects was the methodological approach considering self-evaluation as a training process. Through a punctual research action with the involvement of significant stakeholders and trainers, the products and action model of good practices identified was adapted to the Italian context and tested with a significant sample group of trainers. TQM contributed to the discussed subject of the evaluation of trainers by validating a bottom-up action model, consisting of a training process for teachers/trainers and a prototype of e-portfolio. At the end of the action, a change has been observed in the attitude of trainers with reference to the evaluation: before the project experience, the teachers considered the evaluation of thei work as a tool for measuring their own professionalism: during the life of the TQM project, partners and participants tried to define a different state-of-mind and process which, through self-reflection and dialogic reflection, could improve teaching efficacy and didactic quality.TQM project has been promoted by the Telematic University “Leonardo da Vinci” (acronym UNIDAV, IT), which has been working for years in pedagogical research and high education of trainers, and which coordinated the activities and tests in Italy. Universities of Ulster (UK) and EVALITAS (AT), as holders of the good practices to be transferred, were involved in the consortium with the task of transferring the products and methodologies, participating in the research team for adapting and training the teachers/coaches working on test performance. In Austria, a control team consisting of 36 teachers has been activated to test the e-portfolio application. Ud'Anet srl (IT) kept responsibility for customizing the e-portfolio application and creating ICT tools to support the dissemination.EFQUEL (BE) ensured the consistency of the activities with the political lines for quality assurance at the European level and coordinated a call for paper aimed at gathering contributions from all overe Europe on the topic of VET quality and teaching evaluation systems. INVALSI (IT) has been charged of coordinating the research activities and the data analysis. Insight srl (IT) was in charge of project monitoring.

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