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Teaching Advanced Students
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Any school could do with some ‘looking outside’ or some good news, every now and then. The rich feeling of international/European cooperation could very well be such good news. This will inspire both employees and students. Everyone works hard enough all year. It will be inspiring to see teachers and students communicate with their peers from other European countries. The English language and this teachers’ course provides the perfect platform for this. There will only be one participant from our school for this project “Teaching Advanced Students”, he is a relatively new, second-career teacher of English (52) who is very keen on learning the ropes of teaching English on a higher level and wants to know everything that has to do with the UK and the English language and culture. The course will provide e.g. How to create a powerful, motivated, cohesive study group; The differences between authentic English and English that is taught at many schools and universities; Having fun with English, through language games, humour, poetry etc.; Using authentic materials; Blended learning and using on-line resources; Work on your own and the learners’ feeling for ‘the Spirit of English’; Language and its relation to culture and identity; Spoken grammar, etc. After the course, serious attempts will be made to ‘stay in touch’, not only because it is fun, but because it is very useful. Useful for teachers, schools and students. The students will learn to speak, listen to, write and read English, with children from other European countries who are also foreign learners of English. This is so much more realistic than with the classroom methodology. And a lot more fun! The Target audience of this project, being the school’s students, colleagues, the school itself and school management, should all be able to benefit from this project. New contacts will be made, with international students, colleagues and schools abroad. The participant will share his experiences in various ways at his own school and through social media. Longer term benefits: In a school such as the applicant’s, all teachers and management work long hours and do their job with great responsibility. Isn’t this the same in your school? Sometimes it can be forgotten what teaching is all about: inspiring youth. The quality of teaching English always improves, as a result of some real authentic UK English teaching input. Results can be improved, by looking out the window occasionally. Across the border we can learn so much, from colleagues with similar experiences.

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