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Teachers Development
Start date: Aug 22, 2016, End date: Aug 21, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The teacher teaches at a school for development-oriented education. She is affiliated with Best Education Foundation. She teaches in the final years of primary education. In addition to her teaching duties she is coordinator for culture and counselor. She also works at Best Practice for Learning Disabilities.The school where she works has for some years now developped in a development oriented way of teaching. All courses offered are integrated. This is entered in parts of Language; grammar, technical reading and reading comprehension, the world orientation courses, creative subjects are already given on this specific project. The coming year will also connect mathematics education in this way. English is currently being given as separate box. English will also integrate in this project-based way of working. Because of the changing society and access to the internet world for children has become more international. The English language occupies an important place. It is essential that teachers also have a good knowledge of this language.The teacher wants to do an intensive language course of two weeks in London to St. George International.SGI - St George International is accredited by the British Council and the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) for the English language and of Trinity College London for the English language teacher training. It is also an authorized Cambridge ESOL exam preparation center, a member of English UK, the association of British English language school and member of Quality English, a select group of global centers of English language teaching excellence.The course will contain, speaking, reading, and listening comprehension, grammar and culture are discussed to train the teacher. in all areas. A few students want to apply for bilingual education after primary school. After the course the teacher will apply the acquired knowledge on the different skills in English classes, but also during the integrated project-based way of working (Think of contacts with English speaking companies (ASML, Philips, etc ,. contacts with schools in other countries , etc.) There will be talked better English by the teacher with the students. The teacher can help students better at communicating with English-speaking businesses, schools, people, etc.By a teacher to increase their own communication skills, this will be the ability of the pupils come as well. Some students want to switch from the primary to bilingual education. Improving the skills of the teacher, these students provides additional support in order to make the change.Teachers who are aware of the latest developments of a language and the culture of the country add both the short and long term, much matter within school and within the foundation. They will be able to make good pedagogical and didactic for their pupils. They can help the pupil s own language and to teach them to use it productively.The teacher will share her knowledge with her colleagues within the foundation through presentations and sustainable employability, which several teachers might be enthused to be able to improve their skills with regard to the English language and culture. This will benefit the English education for many children in Best.

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