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Teachers and students: together for a school 3.0
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

" Teacher and Students : School together for a 3.0".“San Paolo” Secondary School is a top vocational and technical high-school situated in Sorrento, a town in the south of Italy. With its150 teachers, it is attended by 1140 students and it has five different locations.The primary purpose of our School project is to provide staff training for 20 teachers of several subjects, in order to sustain and reinforce their Education Competencies and it is designed to help educators to develop professional skills and proficiencies. Indeed, the mobility project deals with networking, development and innovation in the area of secondary school education. To accomplish this, the teachers are given opportunities to acquire knowledge and skills that will develop their potential as active life-long learners, thanks to the innovative instruments of E-twinning and European Schoolnet, that represent an important tool in the philosophy of the cooperation policy and the management of the relations with the other European partners. These instruments will facilitating networking, mutual learning and sharing of experience and best practice across the partners. Moreover, they will implement a dynamic dialogue for mobility planning and service improvement with our partners in a job shadowing optics before, during and after the development of the project.Therefore , we identified three schools offering education - related teaching and willing to accept trainees , Spain , Portugal and Germany , respectively , and significant : the intensive use of new trans and trans-disciplinary ICT in the teaching curriculum , organization and group- oriented professional development for teachers , curriculum and teaching scheduled outside of class .In addition, our school, in order to strengthen the know-how of the class teacher, will create a more qualified staff to support both internally to staff and students, both externally and creating a network of local authorities where to place the new professionalism of the students.This project activity will allow teachers beneficiaries :- To acquire particular familiarity with the tools connectivity characterized by full-time;- Thanks to the specific training received and the opportunities they have had to monitor the use of these tools during the shared mobility , teachers will be able to gradually experience a new teaching :- The improvement of language skills, the ability to work in teams , the ability to interact with colleagues from other countries.- To realize the idea , provided the scope of this project , the formation of small staff of teachers able to spread to the rest of the teachers the skills acquired .-To become a a lifelong learner and share with others our experiences joining learning networks.The project sustainability is the inclusion of new teaching methods in the school plan of training(POF) , in the trial of the flipped classroom in the initial class ; in making of a website / blog with all the resources produced; in the activation of proactive cooperation at local and regional level with similar projects.

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