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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our institution is a village school of the city center. Our school, which is a mobile education centre serves totally 142 students from seven villages. Kızılköy, where our school is located is a central village bigger than the villages compared to those in its neighbourhood. Besides being among socio-economically and culturally good villages of Tokat , it has started to regress recently. The attitudes of the villagers towards education, who attach importance to education have been influenced by this negative circumstance. Our institution has mostly young, efficient and hard-working employee profile with abroad teaching experiences and national,international experiences in projects. According to Total Quality Management activities, and Brainstorming Workshops carried out during Board of Teachers Meeting, problems and views mentioned during parents’ meetings and assesments based on the results of TEOG (Examination for Transition from Primary To Secondary Education) which we have been following under the body of our institution, increasing professional qualification of teachers takes place on the top. Increase in professsional qualifications of teachers, leading actors in the process of education, will give the other stakeholders additional acceleration upwards and function as an influential leverage. Our objective is to increase professional qualifications of teachers and share our experiences as a solution with numerous schools experiencing similar problems in our city. In order to consolidate the objective and activities, developing a systematic method is considered to be important during the construction process of the project. Information technology devices are taken as models. For example, in order to gain new skills and to sophisticate their present electronic basis with new and different functions mobile devices need software updatings comprised of several softwares at intervals presented in a single packet. Unlike a digital system, a teacher has a different structure consisting of mental and emotional dimensions. In order to increase teachers to a new superior version – modern, innovative, democratic version – we should equip and sophisticate them with new widespread and successful global skills. Education approaches in EU are in a structure that support innovation, creativity, intensive use of information system, bilingual education and democratic citizenship awareness. Loading our conventional teachers with Innovative and Creative Teaching skills, ICT skills and Bilingual Teaching Skills, Democratic Values of EU in packets will put them in an equal and capable position to compete with their contemporaries. We are going to realize this in our project through trainings we have selected meticulously. Taking creative and innovative aspects of teachers into consideration in the Netherlands, Utrecht at the same training center on the same dates in two groups consisting of two teachers in each; -Creativity in Teaching and Learning for A Better Classroom Behaviour -Creativity in Teaching and Training & How to Use Music, Art,ICT and Sport in Education In order to increase ICT proficiency and to learn CLIL method, which is successfully applied in Europe in Spain, Jaen at the same training center on the same dates in two groups consisting of two teachers in each; -CLIL for Teachers - ICT for Teaching They are going to use the proficiency they have received here at our schools and generalize them. Finally, a group of four including managers are going to go on a structured taining trip to Finland, Helsinki in order to support the whole system. As a consequence of these activities, totally twelve employees -consisting school managers- from our school are going to get different experiences. Positive acceleration that is going to be brought to the school atmosphere and students by these experiences and acquired proficiencies are predictable. The process of the project is going to be observed carefully from the beginning to the ending by the project team, concrete and effective tools are going to be used so as to increase acquired benefits. Subsequent to the project, our school is going to become an instutition equipped with curious employees working on project basis, encouraging innovativeness and originality, following information technology closely, and also open to different languages and cultures. Naturally, all of them are going to reflect on students. Along with internationally qualified modern teachers, curiosity and motivation of the students will increase and all processes are going to move on highly effective. There is only one award that can be reached by education stakeholders who are participative, Democratic, embracing European values, creative, innovative, thinking, questioning, knowing languages using technology; and that is SUCCESS!

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