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Teacher training & team teaching
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 31 Jul 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Taecher training and team teaching Hakkari School is an upper secondary school with grades 7-9, (ages 13-16). At present the school has almost 540 students. The staff consists of 55 teachers and about 20 members of additional personnel. The school has been performing CLIL-teaching in English in some subjects since year 1994. The students to the CLIL class are admitted after a test. The subjects in which we perform CLIL-teaching are biology, geography, history and mathematics. The teachers in Hakkari School needed to update their pedagogical skills to rise to the pedagogical challenges which come with the new national curriculum. The goals which we wanted to achieve with additional studies and courses were to enchance co-operation between teachers and to develop the whole working atmosphere, group dynamics and social skills in the school . Due to globalisation and integration in Europe we also needed to have new views regarding international relations. We aimed to have international understanding as a natural part of all teaching and all subjects. New international contacts and co-operation between schools in different countries have certainly benefitted Hakkari School. The teachers needed additional training and courses. The new demands of the educational regulations have made it necessary to develop team teaching as means to give students the support they need. The teachers´ skills vary a lot and the whole school community have benefitted from new methods and ideas. Hakkari School applied to give 12 members of the staff the opportunity to courses and job shadowing. Our staff members have a lot of teaching experience but they have benefitted a great deal from the experience of European colleagues. The special areas of interests of Hakkari School are interactive social skills, pedagogy, team teaching, the teaching of foreign languages and international understanding.
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