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Teach me your dance!
Start date: Oct 10, 2015, End date: Apr 9, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project „Teach me your dance!” represents an initiative of young local people, volunteers and members of Componibile62, that together with responsible of the association and the other partners, are willing to promote traditional dances as mean of cultural expression. In our local community as well in our partners', we've identified serious limitations regarding visibility and promotion of traditional dances at international level, as well as the defacement in non-verbal communication and the blurring of values, traditions and cultural identities. Despite these premises, traditional and folk dances, which emphasize cultural roots, are more and more isolated in local communities, with little interest for public mass-media, instead of being encouraged and supported as a main component of social interaction as once was. The project stands also for aesthetic beauty, communication and connection through dancing, going against selfishness, emptiness and superficial exhibitionism. The objectives of the project are: 1. to promote traditional dances as a method of expression and mutual understanding, as well as to explore ways of applying and multiplying its benefits in the local communities 2. to enhance visibility of traditional dances from 5 European Union countries and their customs and traditions, through interactive learning; 3. to discover similarities and differences at individual and cultural levels, through non formal methods, in order to expand the social and cultural borders within European Union 4. to rediscover and share own cultural values and identities, in an intercultural background, through dancing and creative thinking 5. to strengthen self-respect, respect for the others and other cultures, opening minds to a more friendly EU The activities will be based on a non formal methodology, including: brainstorming, energizers, team work, debates, open discussions, simulation games, intercultural moments, creative workshops and interactive presentations. 30 young people from Italy, Spain, Romania, Greece and Latvia, willing to teach and learn typical dances from the other countries, will interact during 8 activity days, reaching as a main result an "European Dance", combining different dancing styles and movements. The "European Dance" will be performed in each of the partner's local community. On of the most important long term benefit expected is overcoming xenophobia, discrimination, racism, connecting youth and association across Europe.

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