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Teach and Learn Hungarian

Teach and Learn Hungarian (Te-Le-Hu) Partnership followed the project (EU/Sokrates/Lingua2) of 2002-2005, which produced study materials and arranged seminars for teachers. Its foundations were also partly set in autumn 2007 seminar of Finnish teachers of Hungarian, where further education and communication were called for.The aim of the project was to build competence of teachers of Hungarian (a LWULT language), who mainly work in adult educational institutions. Their educational background is highly heterogenous and many lack formal qualifications or pedagogical background for teaching and often work alone without the support of a professional community. It also aimed at sharing good practices, establishing a support network of colleagues and a common CEFR-based curriculum for participating countries, creating a common evaluation criteria for students, organizing seminars and certificated training for teachers as well as creating a website.The project ended in July 2010 and produced new tools for teaching Hungarian. They include self-assessment form for students, course planning instructions for teachers, international network of teachers of Hungarian language, list of study materials with comments, list of useful literature and list of internet links for teachers. The materials can be used to create a continuously updatable teacher’s handbook and are available with more information about the project at partners came from 4 countries. Balassi Institute (HU), specialized in teaching of Hungarian for foreigners. Estonian Hungarian Society (EE) aims at advancing Estonian-Hungarian relations. University of Hamburg’s Institute of Finnougristics (DE) has academic expertise in teaching Hungarian as a foreign language. Finnish-Hungarian Society (FI) works on advancing Finnish-Hungarian relationships, especially in the field of culture. Teachers of Hungarian were closely involved during the whole project time.

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