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TBS (To a Bilingual School)
Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

1. CONTEXT.IES Fernando III is located in southern Spain in the town of Martos (Jaen). Martos is a predominantly agricultural city and it has factories derived from agriculture and automotive lighting. The School has a wide range of training including all Middle and High School stage and an a VET education based on the plastics and metal. the School has also 3 higher degrees based on systems applications, electronic maintenance and molding of metals and polymers. These last two are implanted in DUAL mode.Approximately 30% of students of the Center comes from a neighborhood with very low economic profile. Of these students, about 1/3 of the families can be considered at risk of social exclusion with high unemployment and problems associated with this situation (exclusion, early school leaving, gender inequality...).Our school, as an institution has little experience in mobility and could be considered a school with a low level of international connection.2. PARTICIPANTS / ACTIVITIES.The project consists of two training courses:a) Course in teaching methodology CLIL in Dublin (Ireland) for teachers in different departments . They are expected to teach in bilingual mode the next academic year 2016/17.b) Training Course on Quality, ITC Management Educational projects and / or "Inglés for Staff" in Dublin (Ireland) for education projects coordinators.This training aims to cope with the different needs mentioned in the preceding paragraph and improve language skills, learn new teaching methodologies, broaden intercultural awareness and improve cross-way competition teamwork.3. OBJECTIVESOur main goal, since the School has started to work in different European projects, is the internationalization and improvement of the English language skills that allow us to do the transition to bilingual school successfully.We are aware that this type of training will provide an experience of great value to the School not only because of the language skills improvement but also the acquisition of new teaching methods . We will have the opportunity to be in a match intercultural environment where other foreign professionals will bring us ideas / experiences / better educational practices. An ideal way to establish contacts with our institution is the creation of an extensive network of partners that can collaborate in the near future.We are very excited with the idea of bringing all our lived experience abroad in high school, it is something that must impregnate all our educational project, which we try to improve every day.4. METHODOLOGY.We carried out a detailed analysis of the context of the school and a thorough needs assessment process and has taken into account the connection between objectives to be achieved and activities designed for this purpose. It has also sought a significant and lasting impact on our school, as well as in the nearby educational and social environment.5. EXPECTED RESULTS AND IMPACTS.Teachers will improve English language skills and they will acquire new strategies, methodologies, activities ... these will be shared with other teachers. Teachers / participants will implement and include them in the teaching programs.Training and further qualification of teachers implies an improvement in the teaching-learning process, this will increase the academic performance of our students, which will also develop their language skills. Teaching any subject through a foreign language is an attractive way to learn, because it allows students to see English not as a mere subject but as a communication tool, acquiring language in a natural way.The education center will improve in terms of internationalization.6. LONG-TERM BENEFITSIf our school gets to a high degree of internationalization of the center, the quality of the institution will increase, and in a close future, we will design and take part in new european projects.
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