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Ταξίδια γνώσης με δημιουργικά φτερά: Αναπτύσσοντας τη δημιουργικότητα και αναδεικνύοντας τη νοητική ευλυγισία.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project that we have undertaken with the title: "Traveling and acquiring knowledge with creative wings: Developing creativity and promoting cognitive flexibility", aims towards the development of creativity using a variety of tools and methods for the organization of teaching. Also the project aims to confront difficulties and challenges in the classroom, discover and utilize of the students’ talents. We believe that the Project will be an opportunity to improve learning outcomes, which is an essential and long term target for school progress, development and general educational system. The above statement is also reflecting the current focusing year's goal set by the Ministry of Education. Our objectives are: to improve learning outcomes and the quality of teaching, strengthen the skills of the staff through the introduction of new teaching methods / tools and innovative activities, strengthening the collective and open the school at a European level through the exchange of good practices applied successfully in other school contexts. Finally, we aim to enhance greater response towards social, linguistic and cultural diversity and the transformation of our school into a learning community, where all will be enthusiastic to learn, in a spirit of mutual respect and understanding. The methodology used for the implementation of the project varies. Initially we identified the sector that needs improvement in our school unit and towards which this project is being designed. Decisions on the participation in the program have been taken with the direct consent of the Director and the teachers’ board. Participants in the program have been approved and have agreed that at the termination of their participation in a training program, every one of them will reflect/ pass on / inform both other team and individual level what has been conquered. At the same time, it was agreed that it will take place a practical presentation of the knowledge acquired throughout the seminars where applicable. Finally, after the implementation of the program each participant will have to communicate personally with the bodies that organize the seminar. Each participant will keep a diary where the evolution and progress will be recorded in detail. The legal representative and the support team will be in daily communication with the participants for updating purposes regarding the activities and progress of the seminar. Photographs will be sent to update the file. The seminars chosen primarily are focused on improving teaching and quality development of the lessons. The number of participants is 9 teachers who are focused upon the principle of lifelong learning and are informed, engaged and actively involved in workshops. They aim for professional training and renovation of teaching methods. Participants will have a fundamental understanding of the creative and constructive frameworks and thinking models. They will become familiar with common obstacles that hinder creative thinking in the classroom and they will learn how to solve common problems in school with creative methods of thinking, increase creative views in the classroom using these tools for promoting innovating thinking at individual level . Increased thinking and decision-making capacity of teachers and learners swill be obtained. There will also be a chance for the discovery of the special skills of the student and the good use them through the understanding and enhancement of emotional intelligence of students. Familiarity with new ideas and techniques will occur. Participants will learn to use ICT tools and Web 2.0, social networking, blogs, and web pages from a teaching perspective and improve language interdisciplinary research via Digital class.

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