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Tastes of our lands
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The title of the Erasmus+ project is "Tastes Of Our Lands". It will be conducted by schools in Italy, The Netherlands, Turkey and Spain. The main aim of the project is to encourage our students to study languages , to motivate them to learn and show them why it's important to be well- educated. This is done through the topic of food. Our students attend very small schools and their views of the world is not wide. They can't see the necessity of learning in combination with their own ambitions. We would like to show them another way of gaining knowledge. The students from our schools live in small places and hardly ever meet people from other countries. Therefore they often don't have enough opportunities to speak English outside the school. They think that there is no point in learning European languages either. Mobilities will show them the necessity of learning foreign languages. Staying with partners families, working in international groups and engaging in different activities will make students start speaking English in real situations. If the students can find out that they cannot communicate without knowing their languages and their English is not fluent enough, they will be more motivated to learn. Gained linguistic skill will let them get better results in their final language exams. The activities with the students will be integrated within the subjects of English especially and also ICT, Social Science and Citizenship. Teachers involved with these subjects will prepare specific activities related to the project that will be included in the curriculum of such subjects and evaluated. The partnerschools are situated far away, but they are both situated in areas where farming and agriculture is important so they have common ground and are likely able to understand their life circumstances. For this reason we chose the topic of food to explore with our students. Students will do experiments with preparing food. One group of students explain how to make a dish in writing; another group will do the same through a narrated video and a third will use only a silent video. The receiving groups of students will prepare the dishes accordingly. After groups are done they will test the results based on looks, taste and smell. Simultaneously teachers will conduct an investigation on didactical approaches. They want to know if which way of explaining works best, via text or via video. They can see that the European Union unites countries now with many regional diversities and they should appreciate all the efforts of nations. Students should be proud of their regional, national and European heritage and identities. If they show their traditions and learn from each others regional vocabulary, folk music and especially their cuisine, they will realize that even if they are different, they still belong to the same family of the European countries like their regions are different within their own countries, but belong to the same states. That's why they should be tolerant towards other religions, beliefs, traditions, customs and lifestyles.
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