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Taste of words
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The goal of Taste of words Activity was to tanglibly increase the PRACTICAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCY of trainers at Vedischer Tempel Kuhschutz, for the enhancement of our skills in project management, ICT, communications and development of community buidling in rural settings. Through educational conferences, seminars and training workshops and events we chose partners, who are successful in resolving same problems and needs and working in similar social background. We decided to start regular cooperating observing parallel directions in our educational methodology, common type of activity and shared emphasis on trainers education, as well as focus our partner organizations area having for developing ICT competency among their staff. Our specific goals were as follows: 1) To develop the ability to create new ICT-based content - locally and Online, using Cloud services (iCloud, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, SkyDrive), and use of this content in innovative teaching methods and practices of Life Long Learning; 2) Increase competency in exploiting available ICT technologies for communication, including ability of teacher and group of learners to "break the bounds of email" - learn to use of Google Services for multiple user modification of documents, learn effective exchange of multimedia files, learn to use Skype, Facetime, MobileVoIP etc. as replacement for international phone calls/SMS; 3) Develop effective personal time management through synced desktop/laptop/smartfones devices using Microsoft Outlook, Omnifocus, Evernote and other task management programs; 4) Develop multi-language skills, prioritizing the active use of English; 5) Promote intergenerational teaching/learning skills through joined activities of participants of various age groups and through presentation of positive models of Life Long Learners (LLL); 6) Increase trainer's ability to give international dimension to education activities, gaining to assess to globalized experience and bringing networking of this kind to our region - both in general as well as through particular pedagogical approaches and new presentation methods; 7) Initiate openness for personal and team bonding; 8) Increase our ability to work in culturally diverse and possibly volatile conditions for modern globalized communities. The objectives were achieved through 3 activities of 4-DAY WORKSHOPS in Ljubljana 1/3/16- 4/3/16 Aldenham 24/4/16- 27/4/16 Antwerpen 10/5/16 - 13/5/16 3 German participants were sent on each workshop activity. -professional as well as unprofessional part-time teachers- involved in education dissemination in different sections of our organization. During 4 days of activities in workshops teachers from the participating organisations in United Kingdom, Belgium and Slovenia shared their expertise in the field and provided solutions that Enhanced activities of German trainers. Along with practical training workshops the project enhanced the personal development VALUES of trainers, leading them to higher self-confidence and self-improvement, thanks to inspiration gained by sharing of new realizations with their colleagues and their teachers. Participants were stimulated to become involved in ACTIVE EUROPEAN CITIZENSHIP activities and their ability to embrace the values of cultural diversity, multicultural dialogue and creativity increased. We involved European PARTNERS from different cultural and social settings in order to maximally enhance international dimension of our activities, including: Nama Hatta Antwerp: an organization which promotes and maintains a community setting that is based on a SIMPLE RURAL AND SUBURBAN WAY OF LIFE IN HARMONY WITH NATURE. The organization responds to cultural and social needs of approximately 2500 inhabitants in Antwerp with an Indian origin and welcomes interested people from different national and cultural backgrounds. Several times per week we are holding presentations and events on art, culture, literature, philosophy, spirituality and ecology. The Lotus Trust is an educational, relief and development agency seeking to transform lives and improve the environment both in the UK and overseas. It works with all people to deliver educational programmes which target individuals, voluntary, community and ethnic minority sectors across the UK and overseas. It delivers learning programmes, offering a range of courses and workshops with emphasis on vocational training, practical skills, personal development, healthy living and cooking, Indian culture and awareness training. And lastly Padma Institute- integrating ancient and modern wisdom and science with practical solutions for everyday life of citizens of 21st Century in Europe. Our partners were chosen due to a mutual interest in the goal areas of improvement and because of their advanced experience in these areas. The partners are successful in education work, volunteering and assistance to people with lesser opportunities. Observing parallel directions in our educa

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