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Tartu, Rezekne, Pskov: Green Management for Urban Development & Planning in EE-LV-RU Border Capitals (GreenMan)
Start date: Apr 30, 2012, End date: Apr 29, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project addresses cross border dimension of sustainable management of green areas (GA) in most populated cities in EE-LV-RU border area: Tartu, Rezekne, Pskov. GA are green landscapes, incl. natural and artificial ones, inside cities. It’s an integral part of urban districts playing a vital role in preservation of natural environment & providing daily communication between human and nature. The overall objective is to make the cities in EE-LV-RU border area more green & attractive place for both their inhabitants & visitors as a result of effective & consistent "green management" policies. One of the most crucial factors to make "wider EE-LV-RU border area more attractive place for its inhabitants" is sufficient & attractive green coverage in the cities. Green areas are the only way for many people, especially for children, elderly people, people with impaired mobility to experience nature, & the project is happy to contribute to this objective. Specific objective 1. To boost the of effective management system of urban green areas in Tartu, Rezekne & Pskov as biggest cities in Estonia-Latvia-Russia border area, on a base of practical, dynamic and sustainable cooperation between municipal, academic & non-state actors. 2. To create new large-scale & important green areas and to restore / heal the existing ones in Tartu, Rezekne & Pskov as well as to develop appropriate technical documentation & strategic visions for future urban green territories. 3. To contribute to the joint vision and share experiences and to facilitate networking between urban actors dealing with & involved in urban green management in Estonia-Latvia-Russia border area, hence to substantially increase the effectiveness of local measures & to establish lasting cross-border cooperative platform for the long run. The project has 2-side cross-border impact. It substantially invests in urban green areas of the biggest cities of EE-LV-RU border area, hence improving environment status of the whole area, making urban ecosystems more sustainable and, to the broader extent, directly contributing to specific objective of the Programme. From another side, the only way to effectively & efficiently implement such kind of project is territorial cooperation approach when different and remote local actors can get together & to learn from each other considering local problems in more general extent. The project fully corresponds to the Priority 2 / Measure 2.1. of the Programme & operates within the directions of "environmental studies & management" as well as "planning & improvement of small scale environmental infrastructure". Within the project the inventory of urban green will be carried out, urban green management systems will be prepared, not less than 15 ha of urban green areas will be restored and planning documents for future GA will be developed, a comprehensive capacity building programme will be introduced for target groups – urban green management actors. Achievements: Outputs*More than 3000 trees in Rezekne and in Pskov were inventoried and summarized ; *4 sets of technical documents for creation and restoration of green areas produced; *4 large-scale urban green areas created: the Arboretum (DendroPark) in the center of Pskov restored (5 ha); the Friendship Alley in the center of Tartu created (1 ha); eco-friendly Children’s recreation Area in Raina Park in Rezekne City reconstructed (0,6 ha), the Ancupani Forest Park Cover in Rezekne Local Municipality improved (9,48 ha); * Creation of small green areas: the Rozarium of Partner Cities & Natural Trail in the center of Tartu; * Trainings, workshops and seminars on Green Management, GIS hold within the project; *5 press-releases published by Mass Media, 5 interviews given, 2 video clips recorded, more than 35 materials about Project were published in different mass media; *Project website created and information on project implementation and results published*2 electronic urban green management systems (databases) GIS/CAD for Rezekne City Council and Pskov City developed and 1 Tartu’s green management system updated; *Future green areas coverage in Tartu, Pskov and Rezekne planned with the elaborated supporting documents; * Raised awareness and increased competence among urban planning specialists, municipalities officers, students mainly from Tartu, Rezekne and Pskov about Urban Greenery via organized information activities and due to preparation of Manual report “How to Manage Urban Green Areas”; *Enhanced attractiveness of the cities in Estonia, Latvia and Russia border area for their residents & visitors due to increased greenery and created green areas; *Additional space for leisure of locals and visitors created in Pskov, Tartu and Rezekne cities; * Strengthened co-operation of NGOs with local and regional authorities from Tartu, Rezekne and Pskov in the field of urban development and spatial planning, green management
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