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Tarptautinis mobilumas profesiniam tobulėjimui ir verslumo skatinimui
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Preparation of specialists in Lithuania has been more and more oriented towards acquisition of practical skills while the guarantee of future work for the youth is a good, appropriate education. Career is the process, realised in the constantly changing labour market therefore the success of career is dependant not only from the ability of a person to react to changes on time and in an appropriate manner, but also on the ability for foresee them as well as to get ready at the same time being next to the changing requirements of a labour market. The gained knowledge and skills cannot guarantee the success in the contemporary dynamic labour market for all life – they are to be deepened, i.e. constantly developed so the mastery and quality in vocational education and training (VET) can be attained via flexible opportunities to learn and to get the qualification, encouragement of international mobility and cooperation. Participation within the process of a life-long learning though international mobility is a big advantage, because it helps not only to develop professional skills, but also – social as well as personal competences. Activities of international mobility encourage the personal development, expansion of professional skills and knowledge, linguistic competences. Departure to the other country for learners offers perspectives: participants of international mobility are forced to adapt in the foreign environment; they get acquainted with other cultures, learn more about themselves, are offered possibilities of getting acquainted with principles of business organisation in foreign companies and this directly leads to the development of their better understanding of entrepreneurship. Possibility to participate in such projects often helps the learners to understand what they are aiming in their lives. Siauliai VET centre strives to increase the motivation of students, to develop the gained professional practical skills, to develop their entrepreneurship by participating in the mobility project: Siauliai VET seeks that the mobility of learners, their practical working experience in foreign VET centres (practical professional training) and organisations (practical training in the workplace) encourages the educational motivation, increases interest in the profession, develops practical – professional skills, intercultural as well as interpersonal features so that this all complex of developed skills and competences helps a young person to get ready for the work in a contemporary labour market better. Under conclusions of the Board of Europe (meeting of Board for Education, Youth, Culture and Sport in Brussels, 20 May 2014), it is possible to state that the entrepreneurship is an important driving force for the economic growth and new workplaces: it encourages the establishment of new workplaces, opens new markets and possibilities, increases the productivity, and develops the wellbeing. Educating of entrepreneurship increases the employment possibilities for youth. Educating of entrepreneurship, especially in small and medium enterprises is the backbone of the European Union economy. At the same time it is possible to state that education of entrepreneurship as well as its promotion is an important factor, influencing the personal development of youth. It is important to encourage the work of youth, their practical experience in the workplace (together with informing, advising, counselling), because it helps not only to get new professional skills, but also forms premises for the youth to plan the future career or even develop plans for the own business. How can Siauliai VET centre help the learners to get ready to enter the global world of business environment? How are they prepared to participate in the development or even the creation of business? Community of Siauliai VET centre perfectly understanding the importance of this seeks for new ways to include new aids and tools into VET as well as to offer possibilities for learners to develop not only in the professional sphere, but also to develop their perception of entrepreneurship, its importance upon integration into the contemporary labour market not only on the local, but also on the international level. Siauliai VET centre aims: 1) To increase mastery in VET as well as the quality and relevance, to increase motivation of learners, to develop their practical professional skills though international mobility, practical learning within intercultural environment by developing working skills. 2) To promote innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship by forming premises to work in an international business environment with encouragement of imitativeness, creativity and activity. 3) To develop competences of the foreign language.

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