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Tarptautinė darbo patirtis mažiau galimybių turintiems jaunuoliams
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project is designed for RTVMC students, teachers and staff, who work with young peoples with special needs.There, in Radviliskis technology and business teaching center, learns students with light mental disability or complex disorder, also there learns disadvantaged youth.Because of their disorders those young people often have learning troubles, because of bad surrounding they belong to different risk groups, have health and behaviour problems, bad habits. All those causes increase risk of students' drop out from the school and diminish their possibilities to find job in future. Good vocational education can change their situation and increase possibilities of those young people.The goal of the project is to increase quality of vocational education by providing to RTVMC students possibility to deepen vocational knowledge, working skills, learning motivation; to deepen social competences, adapting ability and future employability; increase entrepreneurship and expand outlook for students with intellect disorder and for disadvantaged young people.This project will strengthen positive self-evaluation of youngsters with learning troubles, adequate valuation of their working skills, will strengthen their adapting in society abilities. Knowledge, working skills and international experience, gained through the project, will change their views to future job, encourage their entrepreneurship, increase chances to concur in Lithuanian and European job market.The project will be implemented in two years. Through this time 10 groups of students, leading by RTVMC teachers and specialists, will work in 3 weeks’ working practice abroad.60 RTVMC students of carpenter, inside decorator, hotel worker, cook, metal worker and auto-mechanic specialty will work in internships in Turkey, Tenerife, England, Malta, Austria and Portugal. All students will work by their specialty in SME's. 6 international partners’ organizations will help to arrange working places for practices.RTVMC project' work group will communicate with international partners on regular basis. There will be signed Contracts and Quality commitments before organizing working places, for each working group visit.The working skills of students will be deepened in working practice. At the leisure time students will gain more social competences. Leading persons will help to students adapt in workplace, communicate in new environment and will guarantee their safety and good behaviour.The students’ work quality will be evaluated by mentors from receiving organizations, by employers and by RTVMC leading persons.It will be signed Memorandum of Understanding with the partners, who will use ECVET.After implementing of internatinoal working practice visits, students will get Europass mobility document. It is very important, because it is evidence of their gained working skills and international experience.Receiving organizations also will give to students their Certificates of international working practice participant.Working with RTVMC groups, international partners also will gain new experience. Receiving partner, working with students with special needs, must have high vocational and pedagogical competences itself.This way will be increased vocational training quality in RTVMC, as well as in partners’ organizations.All partners will disseminate project activities in their Internet resources. This project will have residual value not only for Lithuanian partner and society, but for partners’ organizations in six counties and for their networks. This way in our project will be implemented European development plan.

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