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Τargeted Interventions for the Prevention and treatment of TB and Hepatitis B (TIPTBHB)
Start date: Mar 13, 2011, End date: Mar 13, 2013 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The improvement of living conditions, systematic vaccination programs and the implementation of various preventive measures have resulted in combating infectious diseases, including a dramatic reduction in the morbidity and mortality rates associated with infectious diseases. However, the easy and rapid movement of populations, the fact that some infectious diseases have not been eradicated and the reappearance of those thought to be eradicated and the appearance of new ones, indicates and dictates the need for continued vigilance and surveillance of infectious diseases and the need for preventive measures.The World Health Organization has warned us that infectious diseases today are spreading more rapidly than ever before and it is asking for preventive measures to fight this serious threat to public health. In Greece, as a result of the numerous immigrants, especially illegal ones, coming from countries where TB and Hepatitis B are endemic there is a greater risk of transmission.Hepatitis B has been chosen because it is transmitted from mother to child, as well as by sexual contact. However, there is a vaccination and, therefore, intervention by preventive and awareness programs can be quite effective. Tuberculosis is a very serious illness for the individual and public health in general. It is also easily transmitted. However, since it can now be detected by simple diagnostic testing, preventive measures can be easily implemented.The project will oversee major health factors for public health, with emphasis given to TB and Hepatitis B. Specifically: Tuberculosis (Sample Size = 600 Individuals) a) Search for TB cases in the high risk population-Screening (Mantoux testing for individuals up to 12 years of age and Saliva testing for those over 12 years of age) b) Questionnaire c) Treatment d) Epidemiological investigation and examination of immediate and extensive family e) Registration of cases f) Surveillance of effectiveness of treatment Hepatitis B (Sample Size= 500 Individuals)a) Search for Hepatitis B cases in high risk population and specifically:• Family Environment – individuals positive to HbsAg, that have been diagnosed since 1/1/2006 from the Microbiological Clinic and Blood banks of the Xanthi General Hospital• Special closed population groups b) Draw Blood and completion of special epidemiological and demographic data c) Laboratory Analysis for HBsAg, Anti-HBc, Anti-HBs, d) Examination of family environment for HBsAg positive individuals, e) Cross-reference with more special clinical and laboratory tests in the Hospital, f) Statistical Analysis, g) Evaluation of Data, h) Proposals for preventive measures- Public Health Expected Results: Implementation of a monitoring system and observation of the diseases TB & Hepatitis B• Upgrading of knowledge and know-how of local healthcare personnel with the ability to manage patients with TB and Hepatitis B, in epidemiological investigation, in design and implementation of preventive actions• Diagnosis & therapy by case of TB and Hepatitis B. • Prevention of the dispersion of TB and Hepatitis B • Informing the general population and special groups of the danger of disease onset with preventive measures on a personal level• Implementation of local measures of prevention on a public health level• Development of collaboration and continued exchange of data with Bulgaria
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