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Tape loom - a creative history!
Start date: Jan 6, 2015, End date: Jun 6, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We are passionate about history, who in ours actions popularization of history, tradition and common roots noticed how important are specific methods to a group of recipients. The history is very interesting but its popularization methods are not always able to intrigue a potential customer to deepen it and to convince them to reflection. Therefore, the main objective of the project is to demonstrate the tools and methods of active and creative way of showing the history of using the tools of non-formal education. Our goal is to increase the knowledge of participants on the common historical and cultural identity, and what methods you can use to work with young people in the subject of history so it was an interesting experience for them. The project involved a Polish organization and 3 foreign organizations Croatia and Latvia, Estonia. The training is aimed at 16 participants. Participants are acting within the partner organizations involved in the education of young people in the areas of culture, tradition, art, ecology, willing to learn new methods of work and divide the methods already in use. The training will last for 7 days, during which various methods of work (workshops, presentations, visits to places thematically related to the topic, meeting with young people, discussions, brainstorming, handicraft workshops), we show how in an interesting way to wake interest in the history of young people and like known methods can be used to work with each other in the organization. Project will result in the creation of new methods, tools for working with young people aimed at building a historical curiosity and hence understanding of common cultural roots of Europe. The project loan network of international contacts, which will allow for further exchange of experiences and methods to work with young people and also be a tool to look for future partners to further international projects.
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