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Talent, Information Society and Management – TALISMAN

The TALISMAN project aims to create and develop a training plan aimed at providing managers and those responsible for human resources within SMEs with the skills and abilities required to successfully implement ‘talent management’ procedures and policies. Project partners will undergo an initial analysis of the barriers and the training needs to enable successful talent management within SMEs, across the involved partner countries. Additional activities will include the development of a training plan able to provide the required competencies and to meet the identified training gaps, with a particular focus on the use of ICT; the design, piloting and introduction of a training system and supporting materials to be used by and with SME managers and human resources personnel and an awareness-raising exercise amongst SMEs as regards the need for talent management and the potential for the use of ICT to support this area of development. The primary output of the project will be training methodology supported by a series of training modules and support materials able to meet the needs of SMEs in creating active and informed personnel able to implement talent management. Dissemination activities will include, amongst others, a series of information days and press conferences presenting the end results of the project, a series of workshops alerting potential beneficiaries to the benefits of talent management and a web-based virtual community allowing the exchange of ideas amongst professionals and beneficiaries alike.
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