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Take your Chance
Start date: Jul 1, 2015, End date: Sep 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project “Take your Chance” will invite 9 young people from Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Turkey to volunteer in 4 host organizations acting in the social, cultural and arts fields in Lithuania. Voluntary service will be from 8 to 10 months, during which volunteers will actively engage in the daily activities of the host organizations and will be encouraged to take their own initiatives, learn Lithuanian language, practice English language knowledges, as well as get acquainted with other cultures and creative their own future plans. Experience gained during EVS program will help them to become more competitive and stronger in labour market. Participants of the project are different ages from 17 to 29 years old. It will provide an opportunity not just live together in an intercultural environment, but also share different life experience which they already have. The project is useful and valuable because young people will have an opportunity to learn, how properly assist for clients in host organizations (disabled people, children and youth, preschool children and local community), how to better understand and support them, will learn to choose and organise suitable activities for them. The project aims to inspire participants to new experiences and to encourage a spirit of openness for other people and for experience. The main project objective is to give an opportunity for young people to learn through their experiences and promote their openness of learning in international field. It is also an opportunity for volunteers to take the time of self-knowledge and personal growth through acquiring new knowledge and skills, living in different intercultural environment than they used to live. Participation in this project will give an opportunity for organizations to gain a positive intercultural experience that will encourage their clients and employees awareness, solidarity, tolerance, will help to develop their skills, expand their horizons. It is also an opportunity for organizations to assess experience they already gained or to acquire completely new EVS experience, improve their work quality. It will be strengthen the already existing cooperation and create new relationships, organizations will learn and share their good practice what work methods and principles are best to achieve quality in the educational process. Volunteers will be invited to participate in EVS dissemination events, to share their experiences, to spread the idea of volunteering and also to inspire other young people to become volunteers. So, the project will allow volunteers to spend their time meaningful by giving it to others. They also will take a part in specially intended meetings and training courses, which would be conducted using main principles of non-formal education, will have an opportunity to assess their achievements at the end of project using "Youthpass" certificates.
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