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Take Action
Start date: Dec 10, 2012,

The project “Take action” aims to contribute to the development of youth entrepreneurship and generally creative activity of young people.This youth exchange will bring together 49 young people, mainly with fewer opportunities from 7 different European countries: Estonia, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Spain, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Turkey for 10 day in Luxembourg to awake the desire in young people to take actions, gave them opportunity to learn from eacother, develop their ideas and become young entrepreneurs.The exchange will provide knowledge and space for young people to reflect upon youth unemployment and opportunities that they can use to take actions and strat their own enterprice. Nowadays, many young people tend to be very passive, waiting for others to offer them solutions for their own life, there fore we believe entrepreneurship is an alternative, it is an active way of life, which we want to promote. Entrepreneurship has also social aspect, involving NGO sector, art or sport entrepreneurship etc. Our aim is to empower young people, motivate them to take an active role in their lives and in the lives of their local community. Participants will work in several workshops from developing term entrepreneurship, recognising the etrepreneur in them, discovering ways where they can realise their ideas, to meeting with expert for the etopic, etc. Also during the exchange participants will work the topic of European Year 2012, we will provide intergenerational activities where young people together with elderly people will work on the topic of entrepreneurship. This youth exchange also will be opportunity for young people to discover intercultural richness of Europe trought presenting their countries, cultures and use intercultural dialogue as a tool to understand their own backgrounds and realise their European identity.The results of the project will be published on our website which will be disseminated widely among many youth people in Europe.
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