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Take a step
Start date: Feb 1, 2015, End date: Aug 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project responds to the specific experiences working with youth organizations and young people themselves, organizations involved in the project will share positive and negative experiences gained during implementation of the educational program of the European Union Youth in Action and Erasmus+ - of the educational program of the European Union 2014-2020 and together will realize a youth exchange in which they will apply the best practices and methods of work. The project consists of two activities: 1.mobility of youth workers 2. Youth Mobility / Youth Exchange The main aims of the project: Contribute with the realization of this project to achieve the objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy and especially on the fourth goal and to improve education levels Specific aims of the project: 1. improve the quality of youth work in Europe 2. Develop competencies (knowledge, skills and attitudes) of young people and youth workers 3. Intercultural Dialogue 4. Social inclusion and solidarity 5. Language training The organisations participating in the project will deal with how to rationalize their activities. They will share their experiences in the areas of interaction of their organization at the national level, cooperation with partners in the EU educational programs and a specific experiences with the implementation of the educational projects - in all phases of the project. In addition, proven methods of the non-formal education used in the implementation of the project, methods of work towards the prevention and management of risks in the implementation of educational projects and methods of work that the project aims. Next step will be that the participating organizations will organize a youth exchange. During the exchange will be applied the best practices and methods of non-formal education, which are in the point 1. These will be available to participants of Activity 2-Youth exchange. They will (under the guidance of the leader) plan and organise activities, that will lead to the fulfillment of specific aims: - Improvement of key competencies and skills - Intercultural dialogue - Social inclusion and solidarity - Language trainingThe project's impact is not limited just on the participants of the project. The project is designed so that the main output of the activity 1 - Methodology "Take a step" should help the organizations in the participating countries, organizations and groups of young people who are interested to take an advantage of the opportunities offered by the educational program EU Erasmus + in addition eliminate potential risks in all phases of the project. Activity 2 is the impact on the general community of young people and the general public, not only in Jindřichův Hradec. The organization clearly defined target audience - (young people, youth workers, media, political leaders, representatives of local and regional public authorities, public opinion, etc.), in order to spread project's objectives and results. Activity 2 - 36 participants Number of organizations involved - 6
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