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Take a chance!
Start date: Jan 1, 2015, End date: Oct 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project Take a chance! originated through discussions with young people concerning their needs and active participation. The pasivity of young people nowadays is, in general opinion, caused by the lack of knowledge and mainly the presence of fear. The project organised by a civic association CENTRUM VLO+CKA LEDNICA, which works with youth using self-developing methods and helps with personal and social growth. The main aim of the project is to provide the participants with the basic knowledge about the outdoor techniques and provide them with the possibilitz to experience the activities in the nature, which lead to increasing their flexibility and adaptability. The participants of this project are young people and youth workers from programme countries, their total number being 20. The main activity of the project is a youth exchange, which provides the participants with necessary knowledge and acquiring the skills concerning the stay in the nature and outdoor techniques. During the exchange, we use traditional and creative methods voth, the most common being lectures and workshops, where participants have the opportunity to experience everything and try everything mentioned on their own and on themselves. Observing the group mechanisms, which the group passes and through which it functions, is also important, and this knowledge is invaluable for further work work with youth. The participants creat a database of methods, which they have learnt and which they find to be functioning. Likewise they share their experience and this helps to improve their further work with youth as well as their personal and professional life. Also adapting of new mechanisms of thinking and problem-solving helps them to adapt to their surroundings and also to change the steryotype. Their self-awareness and self-confidence increases. The creative process of learning leads to creative thinking under pressure and in unpredictable situations.

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