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Start date: Oct 1, 2012,

The project has been developed to meet national and European priorities that “young people have developed the key competencies to a level that equips them for adult life and which forms a basis for further learning and working life” (LLP, 2007), and to “improve motivation for learning and learning to learn skills” (LLL, 2009). It will meet the challenge of ‘ensuring a fully functioning partnership between the world of enterprise and education, to ensure a better focus on the skills and competencies required in the labour market and to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. (Europe 2020). Inadequate language and communication skills have been identified as a key barrier to young people moving into education, employment and training. (Bercow report, 2008). The project will enhance young people’s achievement and life chances through developing partnerships with businesses that enhance those skills, so as to better equip them for the world of work. The primary target audience are teachers, career advisors and other education staff who will develop leadership skills to engage and collaborate with the business world. Young people participating in learning activities will benefit through communication and key skills that enhance motivation and achievement.Outputs, in paper-based and/or electronic format, will be: - A model of partnership between schools and businesses that can be replicated across Europe- A training manual and DVD in 3 languages- A website - A European closing conference for wide dissemination and exploitation of the projectThe impact will be:- Strengthened links between education and the workplace.- Improved staff skills in collaborating with the outside world as a means of engaging and motivating young people, including groups with special needs.- Enhanced learner engagement, motivation and acquisition of communication skills leading to lower rates of early leaving.
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