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T-ICT: Design of a tool for the development of e-learning courses

T-ICT will develop an editor/platform for the development and creation of user-defined e-learning courses. An initial study will be undertaken in order to prepare an overview of the current situation in the participating partner countries as regards e-learning. Through definition, analysis and comparison of existing courses, the most important elements for an e-learning course expect to be defined Further activity will then take place in the development of e-learning editors' profile, considering the important elements for an e-learning course, identified during the previous phase, and working towards the final editor/platform able to respond to demands for all or any types of e-learning course. This activity will further consider the potential demands of users of e-learning courses (search, help, glossary, etc.)A series of e-learning courses will be further developed within the current project which will focus specifically upon new professional profiles relating to ICT and e-learning (programmes, internet specialist, computer security specialist, web designer, webmaster, e-business manager, e-business consultant, e-commerce, on-line marketing expert) with all profiles being developed in 5 partner languages.A further testing phase is planned with regard to both the editor/platform developed and the e-learning courses on the new profiles relating to ICT and e-learning.Within each of the involved countries, partners will make contact with national and regional unemployment agencies and with initial and continuous training bodies in order to promote the end results.
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