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T.E.C.E.M.O.S - Tecer Espaços Criativos e Motivacionais Olhando o Sucesso
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our school has strived and achieved a steady level. We have attained positive success rate (93-95%) and a relatively low drop-out rate (and we strive to create more proficient and creative learning environments, respecting the individuality of every student. We have built a large partners network but we intend to deepen and broaden the connection to national and European institutions that work with us. We have a group of experienced employees, but we aim to deepen their knowledge and cherish them in front of external eyes. As a consequence we have outlined a set of objectives, according to our educational project: To improve education outcomes and reduce school drop-out; Improve the educational environment; Welcoming the new technologies; Improve the quality of the educational role for teachers and school staff; Increase partnerships, especially the international ones. To achieve these goals we aim to involve all stakeholders in an web oriented organization designed for continuous improvement, reflecting upon our problems, defining strategies, implementing new methodologies and assessing their impact. Basing on this principle we started our “T.E.C.E.M.O.S”. (weave) project. It should be noted that along this process of discussion , teachers, non-teaching staff and students have been heard. Together we have identified as a major problem the lack of student involvement in school life, which results in failure, indiscipline and, in more serious situations, school drop out. Then we wove a path. Weaving creative and motivational spaces looking at success. To accomplish this aim we are aware we need to modify our practices. First we must look at the student as a being with emotions and needs to establish relations with the external environment, near and far, as skills that are essential for healthy integration of our students in society. Secondly we aspire to weave spaces that promote students' creativity, making them more autonomous and responsible for their learning process. To implement these methodologies we consider important to observe teaching methodologies to develop the emotional, relational and intellectual skills of our students and to promote their creativity (Job shadowing). To deepen this knowledge the key will be to attend training sessions that facilitate the implementation of our ideals: Educational Coaching: development of, intellectual, emotional and relational skills; Drama Transdisciplinary Techniques: transversally using methodologies concerning this area in order to engage students in a more creative environment. Integration of Collaborative Tools in school: embracing the new technologies in the educational space and across organizational communication. We believe that this training experience will give us knowledge to weave our way towards a school with more dynamic students. To attain this goal, we will select a set of employees who will be able to absorb new methodologies that later they will apply it in their practices and disseminate it among their peers. Moreover, we have staff who have made themselves available to get credit training in coaching, drama and collaborative tools areas, after completing the above mentioned training, fostering dissemination of training inside and outside the group. Starting from the assumption of methodologies to develop the creative process and promoting the intellectual, emotional and relational skills, we anticipate improved educational achievement, surpassing the 95% success rate and decreasing the dropout rates to less than 0.3%, shortly after the end the first year of implementation (2016). In the long term we aim to get closer to 100% success rate and 0 % dropout . Furthermore, with the integration of new technologies, in addition to natural internal improvements of pedagogical and organizational level, we expect closer relations with our European partners, deepening the pedagogical dynamics initiated under the project "Old and New Jobs Jobs" (Erasmus KA2). With the dissemination of the activities of the project T.E.C.E.M.O.S and its results, through the website and seminars, we aim to involve other partners, national and European schools, in a synergistic and continual improvement process.
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