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Szkolenie zawodowe w Niemczech - mobilność na rynku pracy
Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Jul 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project Erasmus+ 2016, prepared by Zespół Szkół Ponadgimnazjalnych in Świecie (Technikum) in cooperation with the Siegmundsburger Haus Werraquelle and is called „Berufsschulung in Deutschland - Mobilität auf dem Arbeitsmarkt”. The participants are 26 students of the school ZSP, who learn technique for gastronomical service. Their internship in Germany takes 28 days. There will be 4 groups: 1st group with 8 persons and 3 groups with 6 persons, travelling on the following dates: 3.10.-31.10.2016, 16.05.-12.06.2017, 2.10.-30.10.2017 and 15.05.-11.06.2018. Their tutor, a specialist in German studies, will spent the whole time in Eisenach, where the work places for the students are located.The receiving organisations are establishments in the hotel and gastronomy business:1. Hotel Herzog Georg - Thuringia2. Waldschlösschen Wangen – Saxony-Anhalt3. Posthotel Rotenburg – Hesse4. Siegmundsburger Haus Werraquelle GmbH – Thuringia.The project depends on the principles of the ECVET-system – gained experience and skills will be evaluated and accepted in the Europass-Mobility and the European language pass. Additional every participant gets a certificate with a grade for practice and communication, made by the partner organisation SHW.All partners take care to guaranty the high quality of the project and the reaching of the aims, whose duties are regulated by the Memorandum of Understanding and the Learning Agreement.Before the departure all students experience an appropriate mental, linguistical, professional and pedagogical preparation – courses that are realised by the school or representatives of SHW. At the journey every group will stay one night in Leipzig with a guided tour and accommodation in a good hotel.The project correspond to the European priorities, refer to the programme guide of the Erasmus+. It should give our students the chance to develop key competencies (also language), professional and intercultural capabilities during the internship. So they will have a better in start their live after graduation. We want to give this possibility also people with slim chance.The aim for the colleagues of the school is the collecting of experience in organisation of professional mobility projects and the use of the results for the development of the school and further international cooperation. The school wants to enhance the teaching methods and give the students better chance for their development. The project offers the possibility to realise the principles of the school development. Through this the students are well prepared for their live and work in the present world. The popularity of the school increases, especially for students at the Gymnasium. The long term effect of the project lead to higher motivated students relating to professional, linguistical and personally self-development. The school is able to continue their mission of the education and train mobile and open-minded students.

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