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Szkolenie służb logistycznych na rzecz wspierania działań policji w zapobieganiu i zwalczaniu przestępczości
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The presented project had a training character and reflected the needs of the Warsaw Metropolitan Police training in the field of logistic management of police structures. It provided the exchange of experiences and raised of key competences in the field of vocational training methodology of WMP officers and employees representing educational coaching staff. The planned duration of the project was 12 months. The main objective of the project was to improve the quality and efficiency of the vocational training of WMP's police officers and to rise their qualifications on national and European level in the field of logistics management. The main objectives were achieved through the achievement of specific objectives, i.e.: - The introduction of new, different from existing solutions on vocational training in the police (including the logistics services area); - Improving the competence of personnel through the use of new methods of training and quality of management at the level of European solutions; - Exchange of assumptions and practices that are used in the partner institutions; - Raising the qualifications of specialists, teaching and coaching staff, operating in the field of police logistics management, both in normal and emergency situations; - Cognition of contemporary trends in development and the role of logistics in comparison to other areas of management and operations of the police; - Providing practical and proven methods of optimization the functioning of public administration, like the police; - Mastering the knowledge and skills in systemic and procedural approaches in logistics; - Recognition of the principles of controlling the flow of information, financial resources, human and material resources, as well as the essence of logistics services for internal and external customers; - Analysis of the legislations; - A comprehensive analysis and calculation of the costs incurred by the logistics department; - Evaluation of the above mentioned decision-making processes in the areas of: operations, effective and rational management, building the strategy standards and the implementation of principles of customer service, modern material resources management, quality management, planning the logistics tasks with particular focus on the specific nature of the institution that is the police. - Implementation of the "Diversity of Vocational Training Programme " to a comprehensive didactic approach in the area of vocational training and to reach out to a larger audience. 24 participants, teaching and coaching staff of WMP, who participated in the project - deal with organizing, coordinating and implementing various types of training projects for police officers and employees of the WMP. Project activities were based on training projects for the mentioned participants, which were held during the mobility in individual partner institutions, i.e.; Riga Municipal Police, Vilnius County Police HQ, Police Presidium in Berlin and Public Security Police in Lisbon. The project involved a series of visits, of 6-person groups of WMP trainers in partner institutions. The mobility did not exceed 1 week. Training projects were based on observation (job shadowing) of work and daily service and discussed the practical aspects of the application of tools and methods for managing the logistics system. Such issues as: the physical movement of people and tangible goods, assurance of the right conditions for detained or injured persons, optimal inventory maintenance, information and decision-making processes, costs, etc. were addressed during the mobility. The project contributed to the development and creation of the following results: - "Diversity of Vocational Training Programme" - its task rely on comprehensive, educational approach in the vocational training of WMP and reaching the widest possible group of stakeholders. " Diversity of Vocational Training Programme " consist of three, parallel existing, main training branches : traditional direct training and cascade training • printed teaching materials • information and educational platform - Information and educational platform "Logistics"; - Training program in the area of logistics (with access on the mentioned platform); - "Guidance for the management of logistics in the police" (with access on the mentioned platform); The project also contributed to: - Internationalization of the training program and the "Guidance ..." by making them accessible on EU Platform for Project Results of Erasmus+ and the platform "Logistics"; - Greater international cooperation that will result in new projects; - Improving the English language of coaching staff in the field of specialized terminology. The project met the objectives of the strategic framework for European cooperation in education and training (ET 2020).
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