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Szkoła Przyszłości - szkołą nowoczesnego Europejczyka
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"School of the Future – a school of a modern European" – the development of the school and giving it the European dimension.The main aim of the project is to improve the staff's language skills which will result in:the opportunity to teach students a new languagebetter cooperation with students, both during language lessons as well as classes in the common room / day-care roomthe improvement of both the management and supervisory work of the school boardgreater support and a bigger number of teachers taking part in international projectsincorporating innovative methods – classes teaching programming / coding in English, more hours of integrated educationThe second important goal of the project is to develop even more international relations that will result in carring out a variety of projects with partners from all over the world. We wish to do this using tools such as eTwinning. We want the projects to engage as many teachers and pupils as possible. It will give them a chance to learn more about Europe, meet people their age from other countries, improve their language skills and develop self-confidence. During courses abroad teachers will have a unique opportunity to meet people from the whole European Union which will be extremely important for the school when it comes to new international initiatives.Another aim is to promote European values at school and to raise the awareness of the entire community to accept differences between people and to teach them tolerance. We want to make our students and teachers aware and interested in other cultures as well as to prepare them to be good citizens in modern Europe. They will be able to use the knowledge about interesting places, which will be acquired during the project, when conducting special theme classes in order to promote proeuropean behaviour. The idea is to develop the attitude of openness towards cultural diversity, tolerance and respect to all people. The teachers will go to four European countries to meet different cultures and societies. Their broad range of experience will later be given to students.Finally, we want the school to introduce methodical novelties, to teach in an attractive and useful way so as the student is ready to enter the labour market. Bearning this in mind, we will not only teach on a higher level, but also we will make sure our pupils have the knowledge about European certificates that will allow them to find a decent job in the future.In the project there will be six participants. They will go to Spain, France, Great Britain and Irleand. As long as foreign trips are concerned, the goal of two of the teachers will be to improve their Spanish skills and, eventually, to incorporate this language into the school curriculum. English courses will be attended by the two representatives of the management (a headteacher and a deputy director) whose abilities to run the school will become better thanks to the language skills which will be acquired. Another participant of the English course is the teacher of early childhood education who wants to include new kinds of language content in her lessons, for example during programming classes. The final person is the teacher whose aim is to learn French. The new ability will be useful for participating in school's international projects and also for helping students with their homework, as she also works in the common/ day-care room. The implementation of the project will be based on clearly specified objectives and according to the defined stages. We have diagnosed our most important needs associated with the project. By doing so, we have chosen the people that are the most appropriate to take part in it, due to their abilities and we have found courses which will guarantee them new skills and tools required to reach the goals. The next step is a clearly defined way of the dissemination of the results of the project in order to share the experience in an efficient way. Our teachers are the representatives of the school – they are supposed to bring new information to strenghten the institution. That is why the final beneficiaries of the whole project are students, other members of the staff and external partners. They will exploit the results of the project by means of a number of planned actions which will incorporate new knowledge and skills into everyday school routine. We can't forget about evaluation. This means making the implementation of the objectives of project as good as possible, timeliness, but also achieving the best possible results of ongoing actions. We hope that the project "School of the Future – a school of modern European" will be an initiative which will open a new period in the school's history and will be the beginning of the school long- lasting engagement in European activites.
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