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Szent Erzsébet Út nyitó és záró állomásainak infrastrukturális fejlesztése Kassán és Sárospatakon / Infraštrukturálny rozvoj začiatočnej a konečnej stanice Cesty svätej Alžbety v Košiciach a v Sárospataku (Szent Erzsébet Út 2 / Cesta svätej Alžbety 2)
Start date: Dec 31, 2010, End date: Dec 30, 2012 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The region has two different parts:industrial, municipal and agricultural areas on one hand and on the other natural, mostly mountain areas with a significant turistic potential (historical wine regions, world herritage areas, preserved areas), which were able to keep their national, natural and cultural values. GDP per person makes 63,7% of the national average, 98% of businesses are micro or small businesses.69,1% of employees are employed in these firms. The unemployment rate is 9,9%, from wich 55% is permanently unemployed. In gross we can state that the earning potential of the region is low: the competitivenes is on low level, however the inquiry between the regional businesses showed a positive effect of a turistic development on the market. As we outlined at the criteria of a joint arrangments, our partnership has a solid base, built on arrangement and realisation of two projects. Based on the actions stated at the beginning of our collaboration, wich we intend to realise trough these projects, the arrangement of this project is based on previous successful results and the needs of financial resources. Trough the first projects we beginn to renovate the Rakoczi chamber in The St.Elizabeth´s cathedral and generate a joint turism product - The St.Elizabeth´s Route. We´d like to crown these actions by this third project. Following steps of our colaboration are intended to sustain the outcomes of our actions. Success of this project will lead to other supportive activities in joint plans, These include creation of a image about a life of two common persons František Rakoczi and St.Elizabeth, their arise in the awareness of not just the inhabitant´s of the Košice and Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén region, but as well of turists, obedience, and historists of both states. It´s important for us to arise an awareness of the region´s monuments on the both sides of the borders and to allure a great number of visitants to turistic programes. Achievements: In the frame of the project, partners continued the cooperation by renovating the opening and closing stations of the St. Elizabeth route. In Sárospatak, the House of St. Elizabeth was reconstructed by installing the elevator for handicapped people, reconstructing the cellar and installing the lapidarium, carrying out garden construction and installing an information and documentation centre. In Kosice, parts of St. Elizabeth Cathedral were restored: in the exterior the north-western part of the roof, in the interior the northern aisle beside Rakoczi´s crypt and the wall-painting by Dorič - The Apotheosis, and relocating the remains of František Rákoczi II. from Tekirdağ to Košice.
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  • 2007 - 2013 Hungary - Slovak Republic (HU-SK)
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