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Szakoktatók továbbképzése európai partnervállalkozásoknál
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Mátrametál Ltd. is producing aluminium tubes and aerosol cans, taking part in the VET of „structure locksmiths” practical training. The aim of the project is to develop an international cooperation with the export partner companies, which would make the continuous training of the VET expert staff and students at the company possible, the technologies, materials used at the receiving companies, the professional language, working culture could be acknowledged. The company has strong market position, which is ensured by the up-to-date competencies of the employees. The labour supply is mostly done in the frame of apprenticeship-type of training. The objectives of this mobility project for the experts are: - to be able to pass the newest technology and the latest knowledge gained due to the new competences; - new, effective teaching methods and tools should be integrated into the everyday work; - the development of language competencies – mainly regarding the profession and training - should be strengthen among the training experts. The project includes 3 mobility activities with the participation of 5trainers each working at the company and involved in the VET. Most of the participants are professional experts, who are involved in the training of the welder and net chatting, locksmiths and later cutting practical training, have the basic foreign language competencies, are open for the development of professional knowledge. They are able to pass the gained new technological knowledge and able to develop the training methodology according to the needs of the company. This way their experiences will be passed for the students directly. The receiving companies are all located in Italy, Spain and UK. As a first step of the implementation the most important is the set-up of the management team, then the selection of the appropriate receiving partner organisations on the basis of the preliminary project plan. The preparation of the travel and the accompanying services (booking, insurance) will be done by an experienced expert closely cooperating with the applicant. The partner organisation is present during the whole implementation, follows the events, coordinates, and gives support when needed. During the mobility, among the members of the training experts, there is a person who is participating also in the management, insuring paying the costs, the movements of the group, the implementation of the programme together with the representative of the partner organisation. The management traces the events, get into action if needed, collects information about the fulfilment of the mobility. After the mobility, and the summarizing of the experiences, the results and the experiences will be disseminated. The target is to acquire knowledge of new procedures and technologies in the field of metal processing and machinery, and to transfer the knowledge for the VET students in the frame of the practical training at the company. The participants of the first mobility will gain knowledge about the special field of aerosol can production regarding the methodology of the production and maintenance of the tools required for the production process, and will be able to pass this knowledge through the practical training. In addition they will be able to teach the selection and usage of the used modern materials and technologies in the process of forming tools needed for the aerosol can production, and to be able to build this knowledge into the teaching materials. The participants of the second mobility will be able to teach the methodology of usage of tools for the neck-in machines, the practice of adjusting and operating of these machines, and also implementing this knowledge in the practical training process. The participants of the third mobility will be able to teach the operation of the PAMASOL aerosol can filling machines’ filling mechanism for the students and integrating this knowledge into the teaching materials. The project's direct effect is the growing number of training experts having up to date, modern technological and methodological knowledge at the company. The dual training culture and its influence on the everyday practical training for participants are strengthening. The VET students at the company may acquire an up-to-date knowledge, the need for gaining international experience in practical teaching is increasing on both teacher and student side. The cooperation of the company's relationship with the national and European vocational training system is strengthening. As a result of the social impact of the project the opinion about the company regarding its role in the vocational training market is strengthening among the actors of the training market. The students prefer the company as a practical place for learning owing to the improved results and the mobility opportunity.
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