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Start date: 01 Jul 2016, End date: 30 Jun 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The applicant/coordinator is a training center, which deals with language and labor market trainings, and it has widespread international connections. In the consortium there are 3 vocational school (1. Kolping School, 2. FM DASZK Teleki Agricultural Vocational School 3. Baptist „Chance” Vocational School). The students have disadvantaged background in these schools. The company applies for: 1) professional training for Gardener students 2-3) trainings and study visits/job shadowing of specialist teachers, mentors to Germany and Italy.The project duration is two years. Mobilites:1.) 12 students professional practice with 2 teachers for 1 month2-3) Study visit of teachers, practice managers, trainers, mentors- to Germany in 2 groups (9-9 persons) for 5-day program (+2 travel days) - to Italy one group (9 persons) for 5-day program (+2 travel days)Target group: students with disadvantaged background and their teachers, practice managers, mentors. The main objectives: to implement the professional practice of the students abroad and studying the practice of dual training in Germany and Italy. In particular, the structure of the training, the training materials for the architectural and agricultural profession groups, especially in the area of absence professions. Also there is the aim to study the methods of development of disadvantaged young people, and to examine how to adapt those methods to the national level.The coordinator involves the existing institutional connections and the consortium partners to select motivated participants. The majority of the students have disadvantaged background at the schools of the consortium partners.The learning and training objectives are collected through these institutions and consulted with the receiving organisation and recorded in an Agreement. The Bützower vocational school and the Uniser Social Cooperative agree:Hosting the group, and presenting the institution and training places. The transfer of professional experience in the dual vocational training, about the methods used in the development of young people with fewer opportunities, good practices. The partners have experience to teach large numbers of disadvantaged young people. They provide accomodation and food.Before departure the applicant/coordinator company provides the linguistic and cultural preparationof the participants. For the preparation they involve a native German language teacherv and education (training) specialist. During the implementation, the participants will make a portfolio of experiences and work diary, that serve the evaluation, control and monitoring.Expected results are: 1. Students: developing personal and professional competencies. Get to know the German culture, develop their foreign language competencies, widen their vision to the world. 2-3. Teachers: developing personal and professional competencies, gaining experiences in the implementation of the dual training, adopting good examples for their own personal and institutional practices. Through the teachers the internationalization of institutions and quality improvement occurs. Gaining experience in European level increases the prestige of the schools and of the vocational trainings, recognition of the professional work. Broaden their knowledge about ECVET, get the Europass Mobility document, expanding the cooperation agreement, control, define the framework for future cooperation (learning outcomes, methods, process and quality evaluation).
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