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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Applicant for project is the School Foundation of Agricultural vocational school in Putnok. The foundation was founded and is operated by the school teachers. Aim groups of project are students and teachers of agricultural vocational schools in Putnok and Tokay. The Foundation has long time experience in organizing Leonardo IVT mobilities to German agricultural companies. Professional and well-functioning human relationships we have built up over the last few years both in the domestic, on the other hand, to the German partners. The main objective of the project is to increase labour-market value of our students. The region from sending schools is very poor. Unemployment is 20-25% but there are areas where it is ca. 40-50%. 30-50% of students are Roma. During the internship, students get a professional and foreign language preparation in Germany, because there is no chance to do it at home. The project is planned to be implemented over two years and 4x8 departure of smaller groups of 32 students. In addition, we want the two school teachers in a 12-day study trip organized to visit the places of employment where students spend their internships. A workplace has introduced a certificate under the ECVET and that we would like to extend to the workplace. However, this requires that vocational teachers know exactly match the details of the German experts. As more sending institutions made the exit, selection is paying attention. For the past years, we have developed a good practice. We made a survey about students with the help theoretical and practical trainers and language teachers. We made some marketing in the classes for the opportunity to go abroad. After that German language teachers and professional teachers decide, which students is suitable for the internship in Germany. Then enterprises in the host range of partners we compare the candidate's ideas and abilities of students. There is a very wide range of professional activities in the host institutions; therefore, it is possible to conduct the elections. We select students entering each workplace. We assess the students' professional and language skills, and to adjust the domestic preparation for the schools. Whenever possible, each group prepares reserves, the potential to replace losses. The German language training will be centralized under the new method. Apart from this we also try our best to prepare our students according to the conventional method. Selection and preparation method developed in recent years has stood the test of time, because the students sent out well in establishing their place. The outgoing teacher selection process is as follows. We make an announcement in both schools, and then the professional work community give an advance, which teacher will be supported by school. Based on the recommendations of the principal of schools decide together. We had one ECVET project with one of our partners. Students have also got their certificates according results of this project. We intend to continue to work on with each partner. This will be the main purpose for mobility for teachers. In the past, the receiving partners made a personal written evaluation of each student according 12 different aspects. This method will continue. The results will be part of the teaching results at school. Teacher mobilities abroad will be part of their yearly training. We evaluate the results of the project in a closing ceremony and hand out the Europass Mobility documents. We will also give the ECVET documents to all participants. We will invite the parents of participants, the German partners, visitors and younger students, staff of tempus Foundation, local press and television. This is followed by the settlement, assessment, professional preparation of financial reports, multi-channel publishing the results. After this we have to finish the project, to make financial report, to make dissemination. The project will be financed by European Union in the framework of Erasmus + program. The results assume the participating schools website. Short-term impacts of the project may be through the participants that the results they achieved in his professional knowledge and linguistic knowledge, personal and professional relationships. The long-term impact on schools expert their effects through the area of internationalisation of schools and companies. The school teacher's mobilities will affect the long-term development of education and educational goals, as well as recognition by the ECVET extends the internships of foreign practices. The program has been well-established and well-functioning international network, which is a European added value.

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