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Szakmai és nyelvi kompetenciák fejlesztése külföldi szakmai tapasztalatok megszerzésével
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project offers possibilities for apprentices who would like to work for firms. in 2015. year 14 apprentices (gardeners) would take part in a 5-week-practice but 17 apprentices (bakers and confectioners) in a 7-week-practice. In 2016. year 10 apprentices (gardeners) would take part in a 5-week-practice but 17 apprentices (bakers and confectioners) in a 7-week-practice. Their knowledge and skills are satisfactory but their use of vocational language is not good. There are students who have a deprived, social background for example: students who live with foster parents, students who are orphans and semi-orphans, students who live in a big family, students who have difficulty in learning, students who suffer from dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia. This programme would be a big motivation for them.It is highly important for students, who have difficulty in learning, to take part in such a practice. There are students who are 18 years old and younger than 18. Their taking part in this practice possesses huge significance, they can have more chances with a Europass at workplace market. Vocational skills are not intensely developedat school and on domicile. Practice is extremely important besides learning at school, this is a useful way of teaching. Students can acquire extra skills and knowledge during this project. Firms can owm well-skilled workers, apprentices can found firms ,more and more people are working in regions which are disadvantaged. The project is leaded by a project-leader, more collegues, vocational teachers, form teachers, school-psychologist, developing teacher, headmastress, assistant headmasters and parents help with this project. Excellent management and cooperation of partner institutes are highly important in this project. Our project has been a well-functioning enterprise for five years.Development of different skills and knowlegde are important for new generations of future.This project is an organic part of our school life. Students’ chances are growing to find a job much more easily and go forward at workplace. The basic principle of the EU is free roaming of workcraft, we want to contribute to this with our programme.
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