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System Integrated for Security Management Activities to safeguard and protect his-toric centres from risks. Citizen as the first rescuer (S.I.S.M.A.)
Start date: Dec 31, 2002, End date: Apr 29, 2007 PROJECT  FINISHED 

A context of particular vulnerability due to seismic activity in the territories of CADSES area (Italy, Greece, the Balkan Countries, Slovene Republic, Slovak Republic), together with a rich architectural and cultural heritage, including several historical centres where relevant activities for the quality of urban systems are carried out, are the reasons why the Project "S.I.S.M.A. - Integrated System for prevention of risks and protection of historical architectural pattern" is submitted. The purpose is to start a scientific comparison on approaches and methodologies developed and now in course of application, apt to go against and prevent the destructive action of natural events, from the viewpoint of promoting and developing preventative coordinate actions outlined at a transnational level. The final target of the project, that is to protect and safeguard human life and cultural heritage will be reached trough the development of methodologies tending to integrated actions of prevention. Achievements: The project compiled a report which collected the partners know-how on matters of seismic risk prevention. An international glossary was developed by the Italian Civil Protection Department as a tool for content analysis of bibliographic information and as reference material on disaster terminology. Moreover, foreseen results of the project are: - Creation of a data processing system and exchange of information among the project partners, - Report references of synthesising shared methodologies to critically analyse the vulnerability degree of the "historic centre system" and its components as regards damage from natural disasters, as well as a definition of the criteria for a disaster scenario outline, - Report synthesising guidelines for the definition of land management policy, regulations and projects aiming to reduce risks as well as to safeguard historic and cultural sites, - Report outlining actions for better population training on the "citizens as first rescuer" role within risk management actions as carried out in emergency plans, - Dissemination of risk prevention-based methodologies through staff training and education.
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