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Съвременни европейски форми и технологии в обучението
Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project “The contemporary еuropean forms and technologies in training” is prepared with reference to constantly changing conditions and requirements for teaching in professional education and searching for new methods, systems and ways of teaching, educating adolescents and their personal formation.In this dynamic time of technological growth, every teacher must be constantly developed, to be helpful to his/her own students and to feel gradifi-cation of the work which can do. The technology increasingly become more and more tangibly in all spheres of life, and get more tangibly it feels the need of well-prepared professionals and workers with high qualification. Only qualified and well-prepared teachers could be trained competent and able students. This requires that constant searching for possibilities to increasing professional qualification-not only for students, and for the teachers. Such an opportunity is realization of this project.It is developed in accordance with goals of the program “Erasmus+”. It is foresee in it the participation of representatives of PGEE in two of the most important events, organized in partner network EcoMedia Europa, a part of which is our high school – II. International Metal Congress 2016 “The next standards in education about vocational schools”, organized by Fachberufsschule Wolfsberg, Austria, and the 11. thematic ecoMedia conference, which will take place in Iasi, Romania.The purpose group is compound of teachers of PGEE, who are teaching in directions: “Electrical and energetics”, “Electronics, automatic, communication and computer technology” and “Motor vehicles, ships and aircrafts”, and non-teaching staff whose work is directly related to development of school activity.The main goal is improving quality and access to constantly professional training, and increasing of qualification and competence of users, and creating opportunity for exchange and transfer of good and innovative practices in training between representatives of training organization from different European countries.The specific goals are: improving of qualifications and upgrade of the users’ skills, their language skills, learning new methods and approaches to teaching, improving access to constantly training. Better adaptation to European standards in education and facilitating professional integration, increasing of competitiveness as to the participants, and as to the school as whole, and personal development of users, creating a new contacts between colleagues from different countries.The elaboration of the project is not end in itself but is directly related to the strategy of the development of the school and with gratification of the needs of participants.The programs of both events are narrowly focused to individual aspects and innovations in the field of professional education in Europe. For lecturers are invited the most popular representatives of European institutions, for them the professional education is priority in their work.After the successful implementation of the activities of the project, participants will increase their professional knowledges and skills, and their qualification. They will learn about the innovations in the field of general and professional education in Europe. They will learn about the opportunities for the development of Bulgarian education; with using ICT in teaching and in training, and of innovative training models. They will meet with colleagues from other European countries and will create contacts for successful cooperation; will share knowledges, skills, experience, good practices and information. They will have the opportunity to increase their knowledges about: using of CNC technologies, the methods to ensure the quality of professional education- EQAVET; the novelties in European politics and quality standards for professional education; the opportunities for dealing with youth unemployment.They will learn about the latest technologies-ACAD /CNC/CAM and good practices for e-learning, the modern measuring technologies for CAM-drawing and 3D-print, FARO-technologies, methods for web-based training. They will acquire knowledges about the influence of new technologies in education, about duality training, about new management systems of education and training. The participants will learn about the possibilities for programming of NAO humanoid robot.The acquire knowledges, skills and competences, the participants will apply in their work, so that they response to the standards and requirements for quality professional education.They will be integrated in learning process which is prerequisite for increasing the attractiveness of PGEE and of the professional education in the region.The international contacts and the successful projects are increasing the prestige of the school which is an important factor for its development in the future.

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